Friday, November 25, 2011

Twenty-Five Days of Thanks

Today I am thankful for unseasonably warm weather! It was a sunny and balmy day today, perfect for a run to CVS and back (had to print pictures for Christmas gifts and for my kindergartener's Star of the Week project.) It felt great to be wearing shorts and enjoying the sun on my face. After my run, I hooked up my phone to a set of speakers and cranked up the Christmas tunes while the girls helped me haul the outdoor decorations out front...our windows have been wreathed and burgundy bowed, the garage doors, side gate, mailbox and lamp post have been green garland'd and burgundy bowed. I'm leaving the lights up to hubby this year...he also has to get the reindeer set up and the giant wreath hung and spot-lit. Other than that, the outdoor Christmas decorating is DONE! And for the first time ever, I not only avoided freezing my fingers numb, I was wearing shorts the whole time!

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