Monday, February 28, 2011

Keepin' It Real

OK, peeps. It's time to lay it all out there. I've been bustin' my buns doing all kinds of know I loved Jillian Michaels' Thirty Day Shred. Now I'm on Day 47 of P90X (Tony Horton/Beachbody.) I was super-impressed with the before/after pictures of other clients. The results are truly inspiring!! I decided to borrow the DVDs from a friend and gave it a try. The program is definitely tough, but the toughest part for me is the time commitment. I've been able to keep up for the most part, but it's taken persistence and focus. The problem is this: I haven't been "careful" with my food intake. OK, it's worse than that - for the past week (at least), I've been pigging out!!! I avoided the scale for the last month, which is very unlike me...I normally fight the urge to weigh myself DAILY. But today I stepped on the scale and OH MY! I haven't hit this weight since I was pregnant! Really!! So it's time to get back on the wagon...South Beach Diet, Phase One, Day One is today. I did ok...tried putting skim milk and spenda in my coffee (instead of my usual creamy and delicious flavored cream!!) and ick, not yummy at all. (I may skip coffee for awhile!) I also ate *a few* too many peanuts, but otherwise the day went well.
So here it is, I'm keepin' it real...I have a few goals:
1) Continue with P90X. Take day 60 photos in less than 2 weeks now (yikes!) Do a final weight/measurements and photos on day 90 (I will post the pics if they are amazing...we shall see!!)
2) Continue with South Beach Phase One for the next 2 weeks. Then move to Phase Two. Hope to see a lovely loss of pounds!
3) Log all food on so I can really see what I'm eating. (Something I noticed - many foods I have been eating have basically NO nutritional value!!)
4) Before eating, ask myself, "Is it going to nourish me?" and "Will it help me reach my goals?" (These questions are courtesy of motivator and friend, Brooke!)
5) Try to maintain what I lose and not yo-yo the way I have been for the last couple of years.
So, who's with me? Spring is coming...warm weather, no more bulky sweaters...*gulp* bathing suits!! Accountability, anyone?? Let's do it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Turning 38

Sometimes I worry about getting old. I study my face in the mirror, searching for lines and wrinkles. I scowl at my hair as I discover gray (and white!) hair. I fret when the scale tips and my clothes feel tight. And today I turned 38, just two years from the Big 4-0!
But today was amazing...
I awoke to my girls hugging me and wishing me a happy birthday. Soon afterwards, my three-year-old son, clad in a pair of Cars briefs, climbed on me and gave me hugs and kisses. Then my husband appeared with a gift bag. Inside were two adorable one from the three younger kiddos, and a very suitable (and funny) one from hubby. I reached in the bag again to find my favorite gum (yes, I am addicted to gum! I chew it all the time and I snap it and pop loud bubbles...very annoying to anyone around me, but I can't seem to help myself!!) Also inside was a pink and gray case and a protective screen cover new iPhone 4!! Yippeee!! After some more hugs, I got up and made myself a cup of coffee (in my Christmas gift, the beautiful Keurig) and checked my Facebook. Now say what you will about Facebook, but I love it (I'll blog about that topic very soon!) As I went to my profile, I got the biggest smile on my face...there were over 100 sweet "happy birthday" messages from friends and family all over the world! From California to Alaska to Canada to Thailand!!! I was feelin' the love, for sure. Next, I packed the girls for their special time at my parents', then did a legs/back/abs workout. I know. I worked out on my birthday! That's the first time I have ever done that...38 years and exercise is now a priority for me and something I truly look forward to!! Then it was time to get ready to meet family at The Cheesecake Factory. My parents plus NCH (who had spent a few days with them), both sisters, brother-in-law, and niece (and later my other brother-in-law arrived too!) While we were waiting to be seated, NCH handed me a package. Inside was a heart-shaped tin, and inside of that was a large assortment of earrings! My sweet almost 9-year-old used his own "money" at AWANA ("shares" he had earned for memorizing Bible verses) and bought me a birthday gift!!!! I was incredibly touched and fought to hold in my tears. I'll never forget that thoughtful gift! We had a delicious lunch, and yes, I caved and went for a giant slice of some sort of peanut butter chocolate layered cheesecake! Mmmmmmm!
Later in the day, NJH took a nap, NCH had some computer time and hubby and I spent an hour snuggled on the couch, hubby snoozing, me not so much (but it was relaxing!) For dinner, hubby suggested one of my favorites - Pancho's takeout!! (Pancho's salsa is AMAZING!! I could bathe in it I love it so much!) We enjoyed a fabulous dinner and now my boys are laughing, watching, "Over the Hedge." Earlier in the day, I received two special phone calls - my grandparents, singing Happy Birthday, and my in-laws, also singing Happy Birthday!!
So turning 38 couldn't have been better. I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1) As I was driving all four kids home after piano lessons yesterday, I noticed the van wasn't slowing down when I stepped on the brake, and the pedal was all the way to the floor. I pumped the brake and all was fine. This happened again and again on the ten minute drive, so as soon as I got home, I asked hubby to come check it out. Sure enough, a brake line was broken and nearly all the brake fluid had leaked out!! After four hours in the freezing cold garage, my handy hubby had the van all fixed and ready to go for me. THANKFUL that we were safe and that hubby could do the repair!
2) On the way home from preschool the other day, KBH told me her sneakers were squeezing her feet. Today, she told me, "My boots are doing the same thing my sneakers did...they make me curl up my toes!" THANKFUL for healthy, growing children!
3) I've been really into making fun and yummy dinners for my family. This week, we've had beef stew with biscuits, penna alla vodka (meant to make bread to go with it, but never had time), a new tuna noodle casserole dish with applesauce on the side, and tonight chicken enchiladas with black beans and salad. THANKFUL for web sites with new recipes!
4) I've been reading the book, "Choosing to SEE" by Mary Beth Chapman and there is SO MUCH to be THANKFUL for after reading all she has been through! (I highly recommend the book, although I still have about 9 chapters left.) THANKFUL for my family!
5) NJH has a habit of tangling his fingers in my hair and gently pulling my hair when he hugs me. I love it! THANKFUL for a cuddly three-year-old!
6) I'm so glad I'm over the feels great to work out again (and to go upstairs without having to use an inhaler!) THANKFUL to be healthy!
7) So much more to say, but I have to pick up NCH from his after-school program. THANKFUL my van works!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tights Trials!

Does anyone else out there have issues with tights/nylons/pantyhose? When I was little, my sisters both HATED wearing tights. I didn't love them, but I really didn't think too much about what I was wearing. My youngest sister, in particular, really really couldn't stand to wear them. To this day, she loathes them and will do all she can to avoid wearing them.
I have two daughters and from time to time, I have them wear tights. CAH has somehow gotten a hole or run in her tights EVERY time she wears them. And poor KBH had an absolute meltdown over tights today: "I'm NOT wearing those! I hate them!!!!!!!!" I helped her put them on and reminded her, "Today is Valentine's Day. You're all dressed up for your party at preschool." She proceeded to screech, "I don't care! I'm not going! These are TOO TIGHT! They're SQUEEZING me!!!!!!!!!" When she realized I was not going to give in, she began to cry and slumped to the floor. After a few minutes, she put her fingers in her mouth (soothing pose) and tolerated me assisting her to the van. She sucked those fingers the whole way to school, and even when we walked to the preschool playground, she whimpered about everything feeling scratchy and tight. I promised her as SOON as preschool was over, she could take off her tights.
Does anyone else get this traumatized over tights?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Silly Putty Story

I decided to be a "fun mom" and got NCH (age 8 1/2) his first Silly Putty for his stocking this Christmas. From childhood, I remember putting it on the funny pages and then stretching out the stuff! Anyway, he was surprised to get it and it kept him amused for awhile. I had forgotten all about it...until this morning. CAH (known for being rather messy, a tad disheveled and rather accident-prone) informed me: "Someone put silly putty in my bed and it's. Um. Kind of. All over. My. Um. Blankets." I didn't even want to know, so I just said, "Oh, okay. I'll deal with it later." She noted that it was also all over her jammies she was wearing. I sighed and told her to put them on the washer and to get dressed for school. (I was just relieved she didn't get any in her hair!)
An hour later, the older two were off to school and NJH was at preschool. KBH helped me gather laundry and that's when I remembered: the silly putty mess! I quickly got on the computer and began googling tried and true remedies for silly putty removal. I found a variety of suggestions, from soaking the clothing in vinegar to putting the clothing in the freezer to spraying the clothing with WD-40 to dabbing the clothing with rubbing alcohol. I put a query out on Facebook and found the ice method and the alcohol-dabbing method to be the most popular. Once I realized the extent of the silly putty situation, I put the jammies and undies in the freezer. I took the sheet and held my breath...then I dabbed the spots on the sheet with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Next, I used a butter knife to scrape the area. Happily, the silly putty did come right off! I wiped the knife in between scrapes and kept at the tedious task. Finally, all the silly putty was off the sheet, but a dark pink stain remained. I decided to wash the sheet in warm water...and it all came out!!! I checked on the clothing in the freezer and although the silly putty had frozen, it did not come off nearly as nicely as the alcohol-soaked silly putty did. I decided to use the alcohol method on the frozen jammies and undies, as well as on the (beautiful, new) quilt and CAH's "favorite snuggie blanket" (now a thin little scrap.) Great news: after an hour of dabbing and scraping, the silly putty came off of everything! (Except for the jammie bottoms, which were COVERED, and I ended up tossing.) After a wash and dry, everything became clean again!
Moral of the story: if you are a fun silly-putty-buying mom, know how to get the silly putty off of any and all surfaces!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Down and Out

I am wiped out! I don't believe I've ever had the flu before, and I sure I hope I never get it again. Last Sunday afternoon, I went for a fabulous 5K run through my neighborhood. It felt terrific!! Monday morning I awoke feeling icky...achy, runny nose. But I took some meds and proceeded with my day, mind over matter. I mustered the strength to complete P90X Core Synergistics workout and actually felt okay afterwards. Later in the afternoon, however, I was reduced to a shivering, whimpering mess, seeking out the warmth of the fireplace! It continued...Tuesday, Wednesday (although I tried really hard to "be better" on Wednesday because it was a snow day and I wanted to make it fun for the kids.) By Wednesday night, however, I had severe pain when I coughed and ended up at Urgent Care, diagnosis: influenza A. I was given scripts for tamiflu and an inhaler and was told to REST (hahahaha! rest???!), take motrin and tylenol around the clock, mucinex, gatorade, etc. Thursday and Friday I really did rest - there was nothing else I could do! Saturday I attempted to drive the older two kids to a make up piano lesson...I had hoped to do a little grocery shopping, but I was so shivery and shaky just driving ten minutes across town! I continued to rest...even making "fun food" for the Herd for the Super Bowl was tiring.
Today I was able to get KBH to preschool (and the older two on the bus)...thankfully NJH was quiet and enjoyed some PBS Kids time on the computer. I really can't believe the weakness in my body! I know it's been SEVEN days since I've worked out, and I really want to get right back on track with P90X, but my legs are like jello just walking up the stairs! Hopefully with a little more rest, I will feel like myself again.
I am so very thankful to my hubby who really stepped up when I was sick...running errands, dealing with the kids, even putting dinner in the crock pot and running the dishwasher! I am also thankful for the extra snuggle time with my children. I had time over the last week to sit and observe them - and they're quite adorable! I think God allows sickness so we can rest, and so we can recognize how wonderful "healthy life" is!