Monday, February 14, 2011

Tights Trials!

Does anyone else out there have issues with tights/nylons/pantyhose? When I was little, my sisters both HATED wearing tights. I didn't love them, but I really didn't think too much about what I was wearing. My youngest sister, in particular, really really couldn't stand to wear them. To this day, she loathes them and will do all she can to avoid wearing them.
I have two daughters and from time to time, I have them wear tights. CAH has somehow gotten a hole or run in her tights EVERY time she wears them. And poor KBH had an absolute meltdown over tights today: "I'm NOT wearing those! I hate them!!!!!!!!" I helped her put them on and reminded her, "Today is Valentine's Day. You're all dressed up for your party at preschool." She proceeded to screech, "I don't care! I'm not going! These are TOO TIGHT! They're SQUEEZING me!!!!!!!!!" When she realized I was not going to give in, she began to cry and slumped to the floor. After a few minutes, she put her fingers in her mouth (soothing pose) and tolerated me assisting her to the van. She sucked those fingers the whole way to school, and even when we walked to the preschool playground, she whimpered about everything feeling scratchy and tight. I promised her as SOON as preschool was over, she could take off her tights.
Does anyone else get this traumatized over tights?


  1. So far my girls don't seem to mind them, although E's crotch is always hanging halfway down her legs. I however hated them as a kid and barely rolerates them today. I could never be a stewardess or whatever those airplane helpers are called.
    Does anyone really find them comfortable?

  2. ugh! i hate tights, pantyhose, etc. i will do anything to avoid wearing them too!
    i am so glad i have boys! LOL


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