Monday, February 7, 2011

Down and Out

I am wiped out! I don't believe I've ever had the flu before, and I sure I hope I never get it again. Last Sunday afternoon, I went for a fabulous 5K run through my neighborhood. It felt terrific!! Monday morning I awoke feeling icky...achy, runny nose. But I took some meds and proceeded with my day, mind over matter. I mustered the strength to complete P90X Core Synergistics workout and actually felt okay afterwards. Later in the afternoon, however, I was reduced to a shivering, whimpering mess, seeking out the warmth of the fireplace! It continued...Tuesday, Wednesday (although I tried really hard to "be better" on Wednesday because it was a snow day and I wanted to make it fun for the kids.) By Wednesday night, however, I had severe pain when I coughed and ended up at Urgent Care, diagnosis: influenza A. I was given scripts for tamiflu and an inhaler and was told to REST (hahahaha! rest???!), take motrin and tylenol around the clock, mucinex, gatorade, etc. Thursday and Friday I really did rest - there was nothing else I could do! Saturday I attempted to drive the older two kids to a make up piano lesson...I had hoped to do a little grocery shopping, but I was so shivery and shaky just driving ten minutes across town! I continued to rest...even making "fun food" for the Herd for the Super Bowl was tiring.
Today I was able to get KBH to preschool (and the older two on the bus)...thankfully NJH was quiet and enjoyed some PBS Kids time on the computer. I really can't believe the weakness in my body! I know it's been SEVEN days since I've worked out, and I really want to get right back on track with P90X, but my legs are like jello just walking up the stairs! Hopefully with a little more rest, I will feel like myself again.
I am so very thankful to my hubby who really stepped up when I was sick...running errands, dealing with the kids, even putting dinner in the crock pot and running the dishwasher! I am also thankful for the extra snuggle time with my children. I had time over the last week to sit and observe them - and they're quite adorable! I think God allows sickness so we can rest, and so we can recognize how wonderful "healthy life" is!

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  1. i agree..about God allowing us to be sick. sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves in all the hustle and bustle of taking care of our family. i'm not saying you werent' taking care of yourself--exercising and eating right is def taking care of you. but we also need down time, play time, etc. i hope you feel yourself again real soon!


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