Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Can Have My Salsa and Eat It Too!

That's right...and I can have my coffee and drink it too! Confused? Let me enlighten you: I'm back on South Beach (don't stop reading...I know, I like gimmicks, and I annoy you, but read on)...anyway, the scale recently went past my "scary weight" and into my pregnancy weight. I tried being "sensible" and "eating right" but it wasn't enough. I needed a bandwagon to jump on, just to get myself started. Why this time of year when there are treats and goodies and parties? Because I was already past my scary point and my pants wouldn't zip! If I gobbled my way through December, I would really be getting out of hand. So last Wednesday, I jumped into South Beach, Phase 1 with both feet. It felt great this time...no shakes and nausea from the carb and sugar withdrawal. I am following their plan, but not necessarily the specific "meal plan per day" in the book. I am really enjoying it and the scale is giving me great positive feedback!
Yesterday, I discovered something wonderful: for a snack, I had some of the Price Chopper fresh garlic salsa with a part-skim mozzarella stick and some celery...yummy! I really didn't miss the chips, and the zesty salsa was fantastic!
Today, I made my own coffee combination: decaf coffee, 2 splendas, skim milk, a little pure vanilla, and a little baking cocoa...delicious!!!!
Another recent find: McDonald's coffee is $1 for any size, so I get a large decaf with 2 splendas and skim milk...it lasts me all day and is quite yummy. I found a powdered sugar-free hazelnut nondairy creamer at Price Chopper today...it's actually a nice treat in coffee!
Dinners have included tilapia in ginger sauce with broccoli, ground sirloin (burgers) and veggies, chicken caesar salad (no croutons for me), dilled shrimp salad, even Chinese take out (steamed shrimp with mixed veggies...I just gave my carrots to the kiddos.) Later this week, we'll have two different kinds of chicken dishes and a broiled sirloin...not bad, right?
I am very motivated to stick with this until I am at a happier place on the scale. Then I will move into Phase 2 (allowing some fruit and whole grains), with the goal being to see Phase 2 as a life habit.
I am still trying to run three times a week, but with the winter weather moving in, it looks like the treadmill and I will need to be reacquainted. Last night's date didn't go too well, but there is room for improvement!


  1. good for you K! I know what it's like to get to that "scary" weight. And now so does my hubby! yikes!
    Here's to you and hoping you can get through this to the other side!

  2. I am at the "scary" weight but can't motivate to get some off! Good for you for trying to get it off!



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