Wednesday, December 16, 2009


- I spent a lot of time watching my kiddos play today.
- KBH is totally into the memory-matching game "I Spy Memory." She had all the cards lined up in her room today, along with several of the I Spy book.
- I watched KBH write her name for the first time today (this has been a huge challenge and a big worry of mine!!)
- CAH got to read with the school principal today. She came home with a special pin/ribbon that said "Star Reader" and the school name.
- The girls have been coloring up a storm! Both girls take pride in staying in the lines and they enjoy coloring for hours on end.
- NJH pooped on the potty before nap time today...he was so proud of himself!
- I love watching the kids take care of one another when they play out back in the snow. The older ones help the younger ones, and they all love to pull NJH in the sled.
- Tonight's math homework for NCH is adding columns of 3 2-digit numbers. Suddenly he's a big kid!
- A friend of the family just stopped by as Santa, to check up on the Herd. CAH answered the door and almost burst into tears! All three older kids stared while NJH ran right up and said, "Hello, Santa! What's in there?" and reached for the gift bags Santa was carrying!!
- Hubby is working a side job tonight so I'm just doing chicken nuggets with honey, raw veggies and dip and some applesauce for dinner. The kids can't wait!
- After dinner, I'll have the kids get jammied while I do the dishes...then we'll gather to watch "Rudolph." KBH has been asking to watch it for over a week now!
- I love days like this, when I am not pressured to get all kinds of things accomplished and I can just keep up the house/meals/laundry and enjoy the kids!

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  1. sounds wonderful K. your kiddos are awesome! I am looking forward to a day when there is no pressure to "gitt'r done!" :)


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