Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Must Have Written 30 Blog Updates!

In my head, that is...while running. There's just something about the fresh air and the peace and quiet that gets me "head-blogging"...writing blogs in my head as I run. It's wonderful, except that when I get home, I get busy with so many other things (and people) that I rarely get the chance to write down all those thoughts rumbling around in my mind!
Oh well, here's the latest Hill happenings:
1) NCH is finally healthy, after missing 5 days of school. He was tested for flu and the results were negative. The urgent care MD did put him on zithromax and an inhaler, and he's back to normal, thankfully. It had been tough week for him when he returned to school...his teacher was away at a 3-day conference, and a classmate had died. The community has been devastated, and NCH and I attended the very sad funeral together. He has been such a sweetheart...letting me have extra hugs and snuggles, being extremely helpful. I think losing a friend has made him appreciate the time he has with his family. His teacher conference was delightful! He has a very enthusiastic, encouraging teacher this year, and NCH is very positive about second grade. It's a pleasure to see him doing so well.
2) CAH is changing before my very eyes. She has always been the snuggler, the hugger and the pleaser. Lately, she's become very busy...she loves playing with her Barbies, Ariel and Ponies. She spends hours coloring and creating all kinds of things. She seeks out hugs much less often, but is always happy to snuggle when I ask her. She is especially kind to her little brother, and the admiration is mutual. Her teacher conference went fine, but her teacher is very reserved and I wonder how well she really has gotten to know my little girl. In other settings, like Sunday School and AWANA, her teachers have really enjoyed having her in class. I know I can't protect her from everything, but I want school to be a great experience for her.
3) KBH is an enigma. I started reading "Parenting the Strong-Willed Child" for some new items to put in my bag of tricks. Well, week one is called "Attending": you find 10 minutes twice a day, sit down with your child and basically narrate what she is doing, kind of like a sports commentator. You don't put demands on your child, nor do you ask any questions during that time. The first "attending" session ended abruptly after a minute or so when KBH shoved me and said, "Stop saying that to me!" One of yesterday's sessions ended nine minutes into it, when KBH bit her little brother on the back!!!!!!!!!! I hope to find the author's email address because I have a few questions for him! Yes, KBH is our girl with the curl...sometimes, she is a joy. She LOVES gymnastics, preschool, computer time and movies (the movies she selects.) But then there are moments when she is just plain difficult! I know God is trying to teach me something...I hope I learn quickly!!
4) NJH is doing well over all. He is the only child I've had who has turned two without a new baby in the house! It's so strange for me, but I am loving the time with him. I worried that I would baby him or spoil him, but he insists on doing so many things "all by myself" that I don't have to worry about babying him! Now the spoiling thing...I have stopped going to bible study because he cries the whole time. I go to Sunday School with him for the same reason. He does stay in nursery when his friend, Mr. Eli, is there, but for anyone else, he cries and cries. I am hoping this is a short-lived stage!! Besides the crying episodes, he is a love and a doll. He talks in longer and longer sentences, he loves to sing, he plays on his own beautifully! His favorite toys are Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder and Mater from Cars. Here's a dialogue he had going last week, between toys (a mommy, a daddy and a baby):
"Hi Mommy!"
"How was school today?"
"Take care now."
"I love you very very very much!"
"Oh, Daddy's home. How was work today?"
"Come on, up you go."
"Here's my Daddy."
"Get my baby."
"Where are we going?"
"Let's take a ride in the car."
"Come on, Daddy. Let's play!"
5) Hubby and I had a most relaxing get-away over the weekend! My parents house-swapped with us: we went to the lake and enjoyed total peace and quiet while my parents came to our house and watch the herd for us! It was wonderful to be able to talk without being interrupted, to sleep in, to be responsibility-free for a little while.
6) I am getting so frustrated with myself...I've done all kinds of fad diets and health kicks. I thought I would try eating just at mealtime, drinking more water, etc. but my will power is terrible and I ate TONS of Halloween candy! A friend told me about Spark People online...a free fitness group online. It can track your food and exercise, help you with goals, etc. I decided to give it a try...I am definitely eating much better, but I am not losing weight! Very annoying, especially since all of my winter pants are very tight...I can wear jeans for about 2 hours and then I just want sweats on!!! I will try the healthy eating thing for another few weeks, but if I don't see results, I think I'll need a new "kick" to get myself back in gear!
7) We've been loving watching movies together as a family...last week, we watched the 1937 version of "Heidi" and we all loved it! This week, we watched "Mary Poppins" and my favorite part was watching my children watching the movie...their eyes were wide open, sometimes with mouths open, other times smiling...they all want to be able to snap their fingers and have their rooms cleaned! We've been singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "Chimchimeree" all day.

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  1. your children are so beautiful. I was sad to hear about that little 7yr old boy too. that's so difficult to hear, let alone go through personally. I feel bad for NCH that he had to be exposed to that.
    My Stephen is like your CAH. He used to be such a snuggler. Now I practically have to beg for hugs! I know it's just a part of growing up, but it still feels very sad.
    KBH will grow out of this stage. You know each of our children have a very different personality and they need different tactics for discipline. You will find hers I'm sure. HUGS!
    Your little N reminds me of Jake at his age. Jake would NEVER go into the nursery without me. I would constantly have to be in there with him. But by age 3, he was practically RUNNING into his classroom! I am sure little N will be fine one day. Just cherish this time with him and relax about it. So you miss a few services or bible studies...what's that compared to all that one on one time you will have with the most precious thing on earth--your child! HUGS K!


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