Friday, October 30, 2009

Rough Week, Keeping Things in Perspective

Yes, it's been a bit of a bumpy week in the Hill Household. Monday, I was gone all day at the annual CASHA (Capital Area Speech Language Hearing Association) Fall Workshop. I had fun wearing my "treasurer" and "continuing education administrator" hats while hubby was at the helm at home. Monday night, we had three extra kiddos here and it ended up going quite smoothly! Unfortunately, all the coffee I guzzled all day kept me up past 2 am, so I was more than a little tired on Tuesday morning! I was looking forward to getting back into my routine of cleaning/laundry/etc. Before I even got started, however, the school nurse called to tell me NCH had a fever! So after dropping KBH to preschool, I picked up my sickie kiddie, hurried to my flu shot appointment, stopped home to switch over the laundry, dashed back across town to get KBH, hustled home to meet CAH's kindergarten bus, fed everyone lunch and put them all to bed for naps! Phew!

(Photo of NCH, laying on the treadmill...too tired to move!)

Wednesday, NCH's fever continued. We watched "Beethoven" parts one and was actually nice to just snuggle four kiddos on the couch. The rained poured down outside all day, but we stayed warm and enjoyed a jammies day. I was quite ticked when I realized I had to RIP OUT SEVEN HOURS worth of knitting I had done over the past two nights...I had started a new project and made a major was just that kind of a week.
Thursday, NCH was STILL sick! No fever, but he looked pale and was quite tired. Hubby stayed home with the two boys so I could take KBH to her preschool Halloween parade. Later, we watched "Beethoven" part three, organized the basement and collected two large bags of toys to give to Operation Christmas Child.

(Photo of KBH in her Tinkerbell-Princess-Fairy costume)

Today, NCH didn't seem healthy or strong enough to send to school. He didn't even seem to mind missing his Halloween party (so I know he's not all better yet.) CAH headed off to school in her Laura Ingalls costume,

(costume made by my mom...a very talented seamstress!!)

and KBH asked all morning, "When can I go to gym-mattresses?" (That's how she says "gymnastics.") We finally got to gymnastics and suddenly she became lethargic and listless, sucking her fingers and asking to go home! I am hoping she's not sick, but it seems quite likely at the moment (although she doesn't have a fever yet.)

(KBH getting her achievement ribbon award from Coach Craig)

Tomorrow is Saturday...usually some of the kids get to go to the dump with Dad. They love going to Stewart's for a treat afterwards...the highlight of the week! But tomorrow, hubby is working a side job all mommy will do her best to keep the day fun.
So yes, it's been a bummer of a week. I haven't done anything except wait on people, do laundry, make lame dinners and think of all the things I'm not getting done. But if I keep things in perspective, I remember:
1) I get to hug my kids and watch movies with them as we snuggle on the couch.
2) Mucinex and motrin are easy, quick kids are home with me, not in the hospital. They are not hooked up to oxygen and IVs.
3) Just this week, I have been praying for
- a terminally ill baby,
- a very premature baby,
- a single mom healing from a horrible car accident,
- a friend who just lost her brother,
- families who continue to grieve for children they lost to cancer,
and the list goes on.
I guess I didn't have such a tough week after all.


  1. Sorry you're having 'one of those weeks'. The snuggling part when they're sick is very nice though =)
    Btw, where did you get your flu shot? I thought they were out of the vaccine everywhere.

  2. My kids got the regular flu shot on 10/3 at our peds office. I got my flu shot (regular) at my MDs office this week (I called 2 weeks ago and they only had a few left...they gave me an appointment and, surprisingly, the shot was there waiting for me!) We're all on the waiting list for H1N1 through Saratoga Co. Health Dept. The ped office said to call back after 11/1, as they were hoping to get some in then.

  3. HUGS Big K! I know how you feel, as I had "one of those weeks" last week. But brighter days will come! Like you said, we need to keep it in perspective...and count our blessings!


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