Monday, October 19, 2009

Easing into Fitness

Yes, I just blogged this morning about not being motivated to exercise, count points, etc. Tonight, however, I went for a nice run...5K, in the dark, on a new route...and it felt great! Here's the new "plan" I came up with as I was running (bear in mind, I'm usually a "band-wagon" fitness person - I'm trying to avoid fads and quick fixes this time):
1) try to get back to running 30 minutes or 3 miles, 3 times a week
2) eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (often I skip meals, but graze on crackers or junk all day)
3) drink more water
4) do NOT eat after dinner (chew mint gum or brush teeth, but no more TV snacks!)
5) I may try to reduce my coffee (only because I LOVE to add flavored cream.) I won't eliminate this entirely.
Hopefully I will see some results after a few weeks of following this plan (which is really just common sense and healthy!!!) It would feel great to get back to my weight watchers lifetime goal weight and stay there.


  1. I think these goals sound great! I need to get back to basics too! Been eating WAY too much after dinner - sweet and salty! I like the gum idea...I think I will try it. Good luck with your progress. Keep us updated!

  2. sounds like an awesome plan. and this plan, unlike "quick fixes", is a great way of being a healthy role model for the kiddos too.

  3. That sounds great K! I will pray for your perseverance!

  4. I saw your feature on the FRW website and just wanted to stop by and say HI!


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