Monday, October 5, 2009

Much to do on a Monday!

Yes, it's been a busy day, many tasks to be done. Besides the usual (stripping beds, laundry, etc), I decided to switch around bathing suits and beach towels with coats/boots/winter gear. The kids have had a ball trying on hats and mittens and snow pants! I am reminded again of the blessings - healthy, growing children and oodles of winter gear to choose from, thanks to thoughtful friends sharing hand-me-downs with us. Sometimes the trying-on process gets overwhelming with 4 little ones, but I am so glad I do not have to spend time and money in a store with my herd!

Good stuff:
1) Last night, KBH learned her bible verses for AWANA and earned her vest and handbook!
2) In the van, we were listening to a bible songs CD. CAH was singing "I Cast All My Cares Upon You...I lay all of my bird-hens..." and she stopped and asked, "Mama, is it bird-hens or bird eggs?" (The word is actually "burdens", so we had a wonderful discussion about burdens and what it means to cast your cares on the Lord.) I didn't dare laugh, as she was so sincere, but how cute is that?!!
3) After kindergarten, CAH organized her own craft time...she set up play-doh for herself and her younger siblings. It was quiet and they sat at their little play table for 45 minutes! I think I need CAH to "run groups" more often!
4) After school, NCH asked if he could get NJH up from his nap. I found the boys snuggled together on NCH's bed, as NCH read a stack of books to his little brother. These are the moments I am treasuring in my heart!

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