Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's What's Cookin'

4/1: Pad Thai (from Dayna)
4/2: Oven Stroganoff (from Amy C)
4/3: White Lightning Chicken Chili (Pampered Chef)
4/4: Home-made Pizza
4/5: AWANA/Musical (sandwiches)
4/6: tofu stir fry and brown rice (Skinny B****)
4/7: CASHA night/Okte night at McD's
4/8: taco macaroni skillet (from some Carnation baby magazine from 2002)
4/9: chicken broccoli alfredo (campbell's easy recipe)
4/10: pancakes and sausage
4/11: ? burgers?
4/12: Easter Sunday/dinner at the lake
** yes, some of these are repeats, but we didn't get to all the meals last round **


  1. makes me want to sit down and plan my menu... so much fun!

  2. hi!
    what is pad thai????


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