Saturday, September 3, 2011

VBS songs, bumperstickers and balloon fail

here's what i was thinking about on 8/19/11:

100+ kids singing VBS songs = precious! Especially “How Great Thou Art”. Seeing my CAH standing next to a fellow 2nd grader with a terminal illness made me very weepy…

Obscene bumper stickers are SO annoying, especially when I have two kids who read in the van with me! I’m also getting really tired of LOUD people walking on the road behind our house while my kids are playing in the backyard…these people feel the need to curse LOUDLY for no apparent reason and I don’t like that my children hear it!

It’s been fun running little 5K’s in my neighborhood each morning, especially with Pandora playing in my headphones…I listened to Dynamite one day, Jock Jams another, Rhythm of Love today.

Balloon FAIL: Got a dozen latex balloons and one mylar for CAH’s bday party…got the balloons home and looked at the mylar more closely…it read “Happy B-day DAD!” Ugh!! 

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