Monday, August 29, 2011

Movies, picture overloads and exercise

rambling thoughts from 8/18/11:
After watching the kids pretend to be dolphins in the pool today, we decided to have family movie night: Flipper!
I put on Anne of Green Gables for the girls one day…next thing I knew, all 4 kids were sitting on the couch, enthralled by the verbose and loveable Anne Shirley!!!
Totally overwhelmed by all the pictures on our camera…went to take pictures the other day and noticed there are pictures from Mother’s Day, preschool graduation, piano recital and 2 HizKidz shows on there!!
My kids have been using the word “stupid” a lot lately and it’s driving me crazy.
Although I’m exercising regularly, I have not been careful with my food intake and my pants are getting tight (again.) The never-ending circle of up and down on the scale!
Is it strange that I love to mow the lawn? Really, I look forward to it.

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  1. i love your rambling thoughts! and ugh! exercise and food issues...hate them.
    my boys have been using stupid a lot too. what's up with that??!!


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