Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have been SO terrible about updating my blog this summer! It's true, we've been busy enjoying our time together...swimming and playing outside, grilling, picnicking, etc. So I've come up with an idea: I'm going to jot down all my "blog thoughts" in a Word document. From time to time, I'll just paste it on the blog and you'll be able to read the crazy ramblings and jumble of thoughts from my mind...
Here's the first:
Why do mosquitoes always bite my ankles and feet? And why does it usually take about 2-3 days before the bites REALLY begin to itch? And why is the itching the worst when I'm trying to sleep?

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  1. haha! you are a busy family! but you are busy making wonderful memories that your children will cherish!
    don't appologize for that! hugs!


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