Sunday, July 24, 2011

Loving Living

It's been a long time since I've posted anything, not because nothing is happening, not because I don't think about it, but because I am really in the middle of living (and loving living) this life!! I am so very thankful for where I am at, for who is in my life, and for what I'm doing right now. A typical day looks like this:
hubby takes the older 3 to swim team practice,
if I get up right away, I can fit in a DVD workout at home,
then get my little one up,
hustle over to pick up the older three,
bring everyone back for breakfast,
then pack up for a couple of swim lesson sessions.
(The kiddos not taking the lessons have been so good about either chatting with friends or cheering on the kiddos who are swimming.)
After lessons, we head either to the library to return/check out more books/videos or just go home for lunch.
If it's a nice day, we all go out back and swim for the afternoon.
Yes, it's a lovely existence!
A few things that have changed up include a soccer camp here or a musical camp there, and coming up a cheer camp for another. We've had some focus rehearsals for the musical, some birthday parties, and weekly swim meets. We've had the kids out on their bikes. We've been to my parents' at the lake and we've had my in-laws out to visit. We've spent time with family and with friends. Soon we'll head to Rochester and then we'll participate in VBS. We'll spend some more time at the lake. In between, we've been collecting school supplies. Soon we'll have feet measured and hair cut, and the summer will wind down. We'll begin a new routine...but for now, I am truly content with today.


  1. don't ya just love summers?! i'm glad you are loving your life! so many people just nit pic about their lives and take in only the ugly. it's really refreshing to see that you are looking at the sunny side of life. you once called me your "sunny side" friend, well...right back at ya! LOL


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