Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last of my Summer Ramblings

written on 8/28/11:

We spent the last week at my parents’ house at the lake…what a great time! Plenty of boating (rowboat, motor boat, kayaks), fishing, tubing – I even waterskied for the first time ever!!! We took a day trip to Howe Caverns, had a lobster fest dinner, hubby and I got out for a date night, we did campfires with guitar sing-alongs and s’mores. Feeling tremendously blessed to have such a great vay-cay spot just an hour away!

written on 8/29/11:
When mowing the lawn, be sure to check on the children. Often. *sigh*
And even when you’re not mowing the lawn, if it’s too quiet for too long, check on the children. Yep.
New running socks somehow make heading out for a run so much more fun. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it sure felt springy-er on my run tonight!

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  1. LOL about the socks! my sister used to water ski! she loved it. maybe you can make that your summer thing! ;)
    we have yet to go back to Howe Caverns. we wanted to go this summer, but never made it.
    i hear there are some new things there.


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