Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Madness

This post has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with the fact that I didn't post one tiny single blog update in the month of March! Shame, shame, what a slacker!! I will admit that it has been a tad busy around here...I'm trying to figure out the best way to give a summary of events but keep things fun and interesting...we'll see how it goes, I guess! I think what I'll do is name a household member, give a little update and then give a "heart moment" blurb:
turned 9!!! I still can't believe it, but it's true. We celebrated for days...taco salad dinner with my parents, friends from school over for a sleepover, treats in the classroom, more celebrating with canine cousin and more family, etc. His grasp of the English language is amazing and I just love his sense of humor. I can count on him to help with all kinds of tasks, including things like putting outdoor gear away in the shed (and locking it up), which certainly makes life easier for me! School, especially math, science and geography, seems to come naturally to him, if only he would have the desire to put forth effort for "extra credit" types of activities...He has been busy with piano lessons, winter rec basketball, AWANA and getting ready for the HizKidz musical next week. He is playing the part of a distracted, class clown kid named Noah. Heart moment = when he still willingly jumps into my arms for a giant hug, when he asks for "snuggle time" at night and suddenly pours forth a detailed description of his day at school. I'm definitely holding on tightly to these moments!
is that typical "made for public elementary school" kind of girl! She is flourishing in 1st grade and loves her teacher, her friends, her homework, and pretty much everything. Her reading skills just took off and she can't wait to read every night at bedtime. It's music to my ears when she asks if she can go upstairs and read for awhile! She's been busy with piano lessons (played for her school for the first time in March), AWANA, and getting ready for the HizKidz musical next week. She will be a curtain warmer, a vocal leader, a dancer and a cheerleader and she's quite excited about it! Heart moment = tough to name just one, as she's the peacemaker/deep feelings kiddo who often helps us find joy in the every day. I do remember getting an urgent prayer request from a friend one afternoon, and CAH and I sat and prayed together for a newborn baby in the NICU, undergoing all kinds of tests. She was fervent in her prayer and it touched my heart to see her so compassionate.
suddenly seems so grown up. She is actually getting excited about starting kindergarten in the fall and, just this week, is independently sounding out all kinds of words. She wants to know how to spell things and she is constantly writing words on paper. She loves when there is homework for preschool! She is a perfectionist and likes things neat and orderly. We just purchased a new-to-us van and she wondered, "Will they take the dirty van back?" I laughed and said no, we would try to sell it. She looked horrified and asked, "Who would want that dirty old one?! It's disgusting!!" She spent the next two days helping Daddy clean out the old van, vacuuming and scrubbing (and having a lot of fun!) She continues to participate in AWANA and will start rec soccer soon. Heart moment = today, she was complaining (loudly) about something. Her little brother told her that she made Jesus mad when she yelled. She immediately burst into tears, sobbing, "Mama, is it true? I don't want to make Jesus mad!!" Oh precious child!
this child makes me smile every day! He is adorable and curious and TALKATIVE! He is my baby and although he is 3 1/2, he still lets me carry him around sometimes. We took down the crib last night, after putting it to great use for over 9 years!!!! It was such a sad moment, but it's really time (sniffle, sniffle!) This child notices all kinds of details and has really gotten me to stop and smell the roses (or at least notice the birds sitting on the power lines!) He has endless questions and will not be brushed off with an "ahah" or a "yeah". He truly wants answers! He LOVES mothers...for example, when we have playdates, he requests that I walk away and leave the room so he can "talk to the mothers." For real. He loves when grownups converse with him! He cracks me up constantly, when he comments on the squirrels, "They're looking for their nuts!!!" or imitates Tony Horton on my P90X DVDs "Hook, upper cut!" or "Bring it people!" His favorite book is "Busy Timmy" and I keep finding him holding it while he sleeps. I could go on and on because I am blessed to be able to observe so many of his interactions. Really! Heart moment = every time he holds my face, looks me in the eyes and says, "I love you so much, Mommy!" *melt!*
Hubby -
Life has been super busy, but we are able to enjoy dinner just the two of us on Fridays while the Herd is at AWANA. We both look forward to this time, and sometimes we have a lot to say, other times we just cherish the peace! This week, hubby has been busy getting the old van ready to sell and getting keys and other items for the new van. Spring is around the corner, which means getting gardens and grass and pool stuff ready - oh boy!!
Me -
I'm coming to the close of P90X, yes 90 days of some pretty great workouts! Although it's been a big commitment, it's been terrific (I'll do a whole blog on this soon.) Just keeping up with cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework and shuttling kids around is quite the job at the moment. I did attend an amazing workshop this week on vocabulary. Someday I'll get back to speech therapy, but for now I am truly savoring this special time as full-time mom. What a joy!

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  1. :) wow! the Herd has been busy!
    little N is so adorable!
    i really like that you included your hubby this time! haha!
    i tend to leave mine out a lot! not on purpose...but because there's so much else going on.


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