Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week in Review...while amped up on too much coffee

Let me start by saying I had WAY too much coffee a little while ago. We had enjoyed turkey dinner here, complete with wild mushroom rice pilaf and a green bean/carrot medley. I served up the pink cake (with lots of sprinkles, thanks to my helpers) and then began to sip coffee...I offered my parents and sister more, and helped myself to another cup, and another...yikes! Now my company has gone, the kids are playing happily with new Easter treats (flip flops, sunglasses, chalk, bubbles, etc), outside in the rain, yes the rain! I've done my usual facebook update, tidied up the house, and put Matt Maher radio on Pandora...but I'm jittery and full of restless energy! So what to do? Update the poor, neglected blog? Sure, why not!
It's been a wonderful week of school vacation. Of course we've missed hubby and NCH, as they've been helping with roofing and tiling in New Mexico all week! But my girls have been INSEPARABLE!!!! It makes my heart patter with joy to see them getting along so well! CAH had a friend over one morning, and after the friend left, CAH remarked that she would rather have playdates with her sister!! NJH has been my little helper, but it's pretty obvious he's missing the other men of the house (he sauntered up to our pastor during Wednesday night's choir practice, gave a high five and stated, "Hey dude!" He proceeded to talk our pastor's ear off during the rehearsal, commenting on the chairs, how the choir sounded, etc.)
So what have we been up to? Unfortunately, my phone isn't uploading pictures right now (or I would post pictures of our adventures)...
- changed over the clothing for all the kiddos from winter to summer,
- packed up bags and bags of clothes and dropped them off to Salvation Army,
- enjoyed some take out (a little Country Drive In, a little Moe's),
- played restaurant,
- played at the park,
- dyed eggs,
- made Easter cake,
- set and decorated the table for Easter dinner,
- shopped for Easter dinner,
- talked about the Resurrection Eggs,
- visited our canine cousin and my parents who were dogsitting and went on a hike,
- had a yummy treat at the new yogurt bar "16 Handles",
- raked the yard,
- installed new swings,
- filled the sandbox with new sand,
- had a couple playdates,
- stopped in at Starbucks on Earth Day for a free cup of coffee,
- watched "Barbie Island Princess" and "Despicable Me" and Veggie Tales "Twas the Night Before Easter",
- cleaned the basement play room (three times now),
- attended an amazing Good Friday service at church,
- celebrated Jesus' resurrection this morning at church,
- enjoyed listening to CAH and the children's choir sing at church
- spent today with my parents, my sister and her hubby and their adorable baby girl
I am just so thankful for the many blessings in my life!
Here are my favorite lines to my new favorite song, "Christ is Risen" by Matt Maher:
"O death, where is your sting?
O hell, where is your victory?
O church, come stand in the Light!
Our God is not dead, He's alive! He's alive!!!!"
Do you know the living God? Do you wonder why I am so excited? So full of joy? Do you want to know more? I am happy to share more with you!

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