Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Really Does Matter!

What we're teaching our really does matter. The little ears are hearing us, the little eyes are watching. I found a new movie on Netflix for yesterday's rainy afternoon - it was called "The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus" and all four of my children were mesmerized.
NCH, age 8, kept saying, "Oh yeah, I know this one...they lower their friend through the roof and Jesus heals him!" or "Don't worry - they think the daughter dies, but watch what Jesus does!"
When Jesus went out fishing with Peter, James and John, CAH, age 5 1/2, declared, "Jesus is going to make their nets full of fish - watch!"
KBH, age 4, hollered, "Mama, Jesus is up there - on that wooden stick!" and when I asked if that made her sad, she replied, "Why? He's alive again, don't you know that??!"
Although the movie was animated, I worried that it might be too scary/sad for them, but they all seemed fine - confident that Jesus is alive today and they will meet Him one day! I don't know a lesson more important to teach my little ones.


  1. that's awesome Kristina! i cannot think of a more important lesson either!
    it's amazing what our children absorb when we're not looking! :)

  2. I want a "like button" to push, like they have on FB.

  3. awesome! thanks for sharing!


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