Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I got to get out for a little bit tonight...I had a hair appointment and I figured I'd run a few errands while I was out without the kids. I am NOT a shopper - I actually avoid stores, preferring to order via phone or internet (getting a UPS package is always fun!) Here are my shopping issues:
1) hangers pressing into my hands
2) people in my way
3) listening to other people either on their phones or talking loudly to one another (can't I just enjoy the muzak?!)
4) scratchy tags when I try things on
5) limit on articles I can bring in to try on (do I want to get dressed just to get my next 5 items only to have to undress all over again?!)
6) nothing ever looks "WOW" on me
7) I have ZERO fashion sense so I don't know how to put outfits together (usually I copy what's on the mannequin!)
8) if I do find something I like, I probably don't have shoes/accessories to with it AND I probably can't afford any of it!
9) I always have to go to the bathroom when I shop (issues, I know)
10) I'm usually limited for time and end up rushing around
11) I can't stand when a store lures you in with great "sales" and then circles "TOTAL SAVED" on your receipt, as if they've done you this great favor. It's like gambling - wow, you won the jackpot (but how much did you spend getting there?)

I did find a few things tonight on my little shopping "spree." I needed to get new boxer briefs for my 8 yr old, white sandals for my 4 yr old, a dress for myself, and possibly a tie and/or shirt for my 2 yr old. I ended up at Kohl's first (I had a SAVINGS coupon!) and there I found a new gymnastics leotard for my 4 yr old, and 3 pairs of cargo-cropped-ish pants/long shorts for me (in the juniors dept!) I also found a fabulous dress - one size too big and one size too small, but none in my size!! The customer service lady called the Colonie store and they said they would hold the dress for me there.
So off I went to Target and got the boxer briefs, white sandals, and the cutest preppy shirt/cardigan/pants set for my 2 yr old.
The preppy outfit on my 2 yr old:

Next I was off to the other Kohl's, or so I thought, but no - it's NOT located in Colonie Center, but around the corner and a few miles down Central Avenue! Oh well, since Bed, Bath & Beyond was right there, I stopped in to get a shower gift for someone special. While I was there, I don't know if I was being "hit on" by this guy, but he came over to ask me about salt versus sea salt. He was very friendly and kept smiling at me even though our conversation was over and I was paying for my items...odd.
Anyway, I finally found the other Kohl's and they did indeed have my dress...and several other items caught my eye! (For a non-shopper, this was quite the night!) I ended up getting the dress I had called about, as well as 2 more dresses, a pair of black capri leggings and a pair of shorts (all in the juniors dept!) I won't tell you how much I spent, but Kohl's is telling me I "SAVED" $169.26 and I "earned" $30 in "Kohl's Cash."
Here's "the dress":

My last stop was at Stewart's for milk and seltzer for hubby, and I caved at the last second and got myself a Cadbury Creme Egg (naughty, naughty!)
I gave hubby a fashion show when I got home and he seemed to think everything looked ok. I started telling him about my excursion, but he looked sleepy...hence this blog post!


  1. Oh, I agree with you on so many things here. I'm glad you were able to find the dress in your size. And I have a confession... I brought 6 items into the fitting room even though the limit was 5, shhhhhhhhh!

  2. i totally agree with you on shopping in dept stores vs online or by cataloge. i really hate the lighting in those dressing rooms as well...every "dimple" shows! hahaha!
    i also have "issues" while shopping! ;)
    so glad you found THE dress :)
    and NEVER talk about shopping to your hubby! haha! it puts them to sleep! at least for me, Hank gets those "deer in the headlight" eyes!! haha!

  3. the dress looks awesome on you!
    no manequin could pull THAT off! ha!


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