Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Fun

This was one of the most enjoyable school vacation weeks ever! We didn't go away on vacation, and we spent very little money. Instead, we had several play dates, with old friends and new friends. We relaxed and talked. We did our usual chores, but took our time. There were very few squabbles, but many laughs.
Sunday was Easter, which we spent at my parents' lake house. It was a gorgeous day and we all had a terrific time.

Monday, we met friends at the park and had a picnic lunch. NCH packed up his own sports equipment and asked how he could help get us ready to go. (He cleaned 2 bathrooms that morning!) NCH cuddled on the couch and watched a dinosaur documentary while the younger ones napped. NCH also went to a neighbor friend's house later in the day.
Tuesday, NCH and CAH worked together to straighten and vacuum their rooms. NCH also put laundry away for the family. He went to a friend's for the afternoon and had a wonderful time.
Wednesday, we met old friends at a park and had another picnic lunch. We weren't prepared for the extremely warm day - wow, it was hot out! It was so nice to visit with my old friend and see how her children have grown.
Thursday, some very old friends came to play. We ate at our table outdoors for the first time this year. The weather was amazing, and everyone enjoyed the time playing and visiting. (This was a friend I grew up playing with - what fun to see our children playing together now!)

Thursday night, I decided it was time: time to change over the clothes! So the kids helped me haul bags and boxes out of the attic...

You would have thought it was Christmas for the kids, though...they especially loved trying on their "new" jammies!

Friday, we went to the Saugerties area to visit my sister, her husband, and their Leonberger puppy, Takoda. Although the day started out rainy, the skies cleared and NCH was able to do some target shooting with Uncle Paul's pellet gun. (Not sure if that's actually what it's called.) He had a ball! They also chopped wood - a very manly day. I loved catching up with my sister and seeing how they've continued to make their new home lovely and charming.
Saturday was a slow, relaxing day...hubby worked on our pool fence (he had replaced the fence awhile back, all but 2 panels...but when NJH scaled that part of the fence the other day, we knew the replacement pieces needed to go in ASAP!) NCH was a cleaning machine before bed time, decluttering and straightening the family room, kitchen and bedrooms!
Today is Sunday...we went to Sunday School and the late church service. I finished changing over the kiddos' clothes and took the older three to AWANA, grocery shopped and then took the older three out for pizza.
Here I sit, reflecting on the week as I get the gear ready for back to school thankful for the time with my sweet children. What a blessing!!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed your spring break! it's nice to just take time to do the things we normally do, but without the haste! :)

    your children are so adorable! and I love how Big N helps around the do you get him to do all of that? I can barely get my Big N to pick up after himself, let alone do anything for the family!! ugh!


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