Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st Day of May was Made for Play!

Today was CAH's opening ceremony and first day of softball/t-ball. The weather couldn't have been better! KBH and I enjoyed watching the girls practice throwing, catching and hitting.

(CAH, aka "Cookie" waiting for her turn to bat)

(CAH at bat: swing batter!!)

Hubby and the boys met us at the field towards the end of the game. Afterwards, we "tailgated" with a picnic lunch made by hubby! Lunch was delicious and we all enjoyed the adventure. When lunch was over, I took the younger three home for naps while hubby and NCH stayed for NCH's soccer game. I savored the peace and quiet as I finished the grocery list while basking in the glorious sunshine. It got so warm that I actually wished we had opened the pool...I would have been in today!

When hubby and NCH returned, naptime was about over and we enjoyed some family yard time: NCH rehung the swings (hubby had repainted the swingset earlier in the day), hubby sanded and restained the deck rail, and the others spent the late afternoon swinging and playing. I had time to squeeze in a run - unfortunately, all I had to drink all day was a cup of coffee and a Diet Dr. Pepper! Midway through my run, I had to stop and walk for a bit...86 degrees + not much to drink = fatigue and dehydration! Yikes! Oh well, it felt good to be out for a bit nonetheless.

We tried a new recipe for dinner - a layered chicken salad which was pretty tasty, although a bit too heavy on the mayo/dressing. That reminds me, I took a picture of a dinner we all enjoyed a few nights ago - Shrimp Florentine Stir Fry (photo below):

After dinner, the kids enjoyed ice cream cones in the backyard while I cleaned up the kitchen. Then it was time for some serious scrub-in-the-tub-time for some seriously dirty kids!

Now's it's just after 9pm and all is quiet. I am eager to indulge in a little chocolate peanut butter ice cream treat and catch up on a little TV. Tomorrow will be another busy day - early church, another t-ball game for CAH, AWANA and grocery shopping!


  1. sounds like a great day! and the food looks delicious. def. something you eat with your eyes first.
    oh, and I can't believe your girls still nap. E will only fall asleep in the car once in a great while. good for you! a quiet house is so nice.

  2. what a great day you guys had! i had some quiet time yesterday afternoon too :) loved it!


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