Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blessings and Burdens

Life has been so wonderfully busy that I haven't had much time to update my blog. Many thoughts have been flying around my mind. I guess I'll just start listing them...
Blessings -
1) we've been healthy!!
2) kids are loving school, preschool, gymnastics, soccer, tball
3) the pool is open! the older 2 got in yesterday for a little swim (before hubby needed a dry pool deck for etching and painting)...soon we'll be swimming the days away!
4) my sister's baby shower is on Saturday and I'm SO excited! I never really bought baby items for my own children, so shopping for my niece (due in July) has been super fun!
5) I've been able to get out and run 5K three times a week and my time is (slightly) better...still trying to improve, but happy to just get out there!
6) I'm really enjoying my time with my children. I'm doing less "me stuff" outside the home than ever before (no MOPS, no worship team, no bible study, reduced CASHA) and I'm loving it!
7) I'm enjoying planning our meals and trying new recipes. Having kids who will try anything makes it even more fun!

Burdens -
[Ok, so these aren't really burdens, but I wanted a catchy "b-word" to fill in here!]
1) Potty training is getting old. NJH has been #2 trained since January, but has #1 accidents 10 times (or more) a day! He never initiates going, no matter what "plan" I try. Hubby got so tired of the puddles, he actually put pullups on NJH, and, sure enough, NJH has had #2 accidents for 3 days in a row! Grrr! I know "this too shall pass" but it's getting frustrating.
2) Bedtime pullups are getting old. CAH and KBH both still SOAK their pullups every night. I really want to stop buying pullups, and I would love to get the girls into twin beds (rather than toddler beds with crib mattresses/sheets). I feel like we've been trying forever to have them drink very little after dinner, get them up to go again before we go to bed, etc., but nothing has worked. The pediatrician said it's not "an issue" until age 7, so we wait...
3) For the most part, my children are good sleepers, but from time to time, NJH doesn't nap or cries at bedtime. This can be so frustrating!
4) I feel like my house never stays clean. I just get one area spic'n'span when another mess happens somewhere else!

Ok, that's enough whining. Now to put a positive spin back on my complaints,
1) NJH is our last baby and this is my last potty training time period.
2) Eventually, the girls WILL stay dry all night and they will be in their pretty big girl beds. At least they're not falling out of bed at night!
3) As I said, the kids USUALLY sleep well, and I am grateful for that!
4) Someday, the kids will be off to college and on their own, and my house can be as neat as I like. In the meantime, a perfectly clean house does not equal happiness!

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  1. love the update! we have given up on a pool this year :( we only had a bean pot pool, but it was way too much work for me! LOL
    i love shopping for babies too! glad you were able to better your 5k time! that's awesome!
    i WISH my boys were open to trying new foods! what a blessing that is!
    just keep at it with the potty...sometimes they have to take a few steps back before they "get" it for good! that happened with Jake...and he still has an accident or two here and there. so chin up!
    Jake had a time of sleep craziness as well. they do get past it! unfortunately, it may mean giving up naps for good :(
    and i am soooooo with you on overnight pull-ups! ugh! we are going to try cold turkey this summer, once school is out. ALL three boys are in overnights. Nick will be 8!! i will bring it up with the doctor at his yearly check up this year. but we are going to "pull" the pull-ups once school is out. i think the only way they will know they are wet is if they feel it.
    it will mean some overtime for me...washing and changing sheets, which i dread (mostly because i have two top bunks!! ugh). but hopefully it will be worth it by september :)
    and i agree about a perfectly clean house...it's just not happening for more than a few hours here either! it's ok! there are more important things in life! hugs mamma!


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