Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toilet Trouble

Little N flushed a bath toy down the toilet in the kids' bathroom last night. Today, someone went #2 in that toilet and yes, you guessed it, the toilet was plugged. Hubby began to try to fix the problem and a family discussion ensued:
Me: Never put ANYTHING in the toilet except toilet paper!
CAH: And piddles.
KBH: And poop.
CAH: And throw up.
KBH: And diarrhea.
I thought it was over, until NCH added: And dead fish.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! too funny!!!!

    i'm so sorry you had to go through that!
    we have been blessed (so far) because that hasn't happened to us. i don't want to jinx it! we HAVE had Jake put TOO MUCH toilet paper in the bowl and had it "almost" overflow! thank God for handy plungers! :)

  2. Good news: the bath toy was found!! Just added the photo above - blue shark has been retrieved! Thanks, hubby. :)


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