Tuesday, November 13, 2012


it was sleeting and freezing early on. later the sun was shining brightly, but there was still a chill in the air.
my youngest asked, "why are they saying it's 'the most wonderful time of the year'?" to which i got to share with him (again) about the true meaning of Christmas. how amazing is it that i get to do this? i get to drive my kiddo to preschool and hear the questions of his little heart!! later in the day, he asked me to turn off the "sad tears song" (that would be "Last Christmas", the Glee version...hahahaha!)
my youngest and i drove to school and waited 15 minutes to see my older daughter, to wish her well before her musical audition. i then hurried back home to beat the bus to greet the other two kids, fed them snack, started them on homework. then we all scooted back to school to get musical audition daughter. no one complained about being carted back and forth.
i caught my older son and my younger daughter reading together...she read her stack of 5 take home readers to him, and he assisted as needed and asked her comprehension questions!
that same older son is on top of the world lately. his teacher loves him...with all his little quirks and stuff that can sometimes drive a teacher crazy, she sees him, she gets him...i am thrilled!! he also proudly informed me that he was "the only kid in class to get 100 on the social studies test!" (um, what test? i don't recall seeing a study guide...or quizzing him?)
my older daughter loves the new $19 hand blender i bought at aldi. she used it as a microphone to sing "Rolling in the Deep". i had to turn away so she didn't see me smiling.
i hear musical instruments playing in the basement. which means the kids got into the storage room, climbed a shelf and took the box of instruments down. perhaps i should go check on them. except that no one is crying. no one is calling me.
so i will sit here munching on my leftover from two nights ago spinach salad, listening to "Unexpected Gifts: 12 New Sounds of Christmas" on spotify.
O tidings of comfort and joy...

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