Saturday, November 17, 2012

a nothing day

Is your schedule jam-packed? Errands, appointments, people to shuttle here and there, endless lists of things to do, groceries to buy, meals to make, laundry to wash/dry/fold/put away, floors to mop, rugs to vacuum, beds to strip and remake, phew! Sounds like my life!!
Well, today was different...we didn't have anywhere we had to be. There was no to-do list. It has been lovely!!
It started with Saturday Sleep-In...whoever sleeps in the latest wins. (What's the prize? I never know...maybe a piece of gum?) Today I was the winner...and my prize was sleeping in itself!!

Everyone just puttered around the house,
kids doing a few job here and there,
hubby played a new video game,
I listened to Christmas music,
hubby and the boys ran a few errands and even got lunch out.
I started to meal-plan but I realized I only have to make a couple dinners this week!
I tried a new turkey chili crockpot recipe (it smells deelish!)
Later I made a ginger sugar cookie recipe I had been wanting to try for weeks (WAY too good...I better give the rest of these away!)
I did a Rev Abs workout (much needed after the cookie fest).
The girls played outside and made paper flowers to tape onto pencils.
I played the piano for awhile.
I did a little knitting.
Now it's almost dinner time and the kids already got themselves into jammies. They have been asking (begging) to watch "Elf" since yesterday afternoon. I stopped counting after the 20th request today. So it looks like we'll be watching "Elf" after dinner!
Gotta love a "nothing day"!

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  1. i love a nothing day! we haven't had one in a while...maybe i have to 'schedule' one ;) haha


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