Friday, July 16, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I have been terrible about updating my poor blog!! But I have some good reasons...
it's summer!
we're super busy...having fun!
three weeks of swim lessons for the older 3 kiddos!
swim team practice for the older 2 kiddos!
a week of afternoon art camp for CAH!
swim meets!
gymnastics class for KBH!
new summer school class at church for the older 2!
musical practice for the older 2!
lots of swimming and playing!
bday party (postponed from March) for NCH!
baby niece was born (and we are SO in love with her!!)
and still to come - musical camp, more swim lessons, more swim team, more swim meets, more gymnastics, more summer school at church, cheer leading camp, tennis camp, VBS, and lots more swimming and fun!
Hope to update soon - but not likely :)
Check facebook for pictures...


  1. ok, so I'm def. not having any more kids. I feel like I'm out of breath just reading your blog. I don't have your energy, that's for sure. You're doing a great job making a wonderful summer for all of your kids.

  2. oh wow. how do you keep it all straight!?


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