Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One of THOSE Days!

Warning: this post will contain whining and complaining, as well as way, way TMI!!!!!
Monday evening, I had a lovely girls-night-out/farewell dinner for a friend. We sipped yummy beverages in a coffee shop until it was closing time. Unfortunately, my decaf hazelnut latte was likely NOT decaf, I discovered at 2am, still WIDE awake!
So when Tuesday morning rolled around and I headed out on my daily taxi route (see below), I was SLIGHTLY tired.
Here's the route:
7:30 - hubby drops older 2 to swim team
8:45 - I bring the younger 2 and pick up the older 2 from swim team
9:00 - drop the older 2 to VBS
Hurried across town (with cooler and ice packs) to Aldi to get groceries.
10:15 - KBH to town pool for swim lesson/entertain NJH
11:00 - drop off form/check to sign CAH up for synchronized swim trial lessons at YMCA,
hurry across town to drop off forms at preschool
12:00 - pick up older 2 from VBS
hurry home to unload groceries, hang towels, rinse and hang suits, make lunch, etc.
1:15 hurry across town to drop NCH off for tennis lesson
It was then that I decided to be a "fun mom" and let the younger 3 play at a nearby park (there wasn't time to go home before we had to pick NCH back up)...I sipped my diet peach Snapple and watched the younger ones play.
Suddenly my phone was hubby, who had questions about the schedule...along came one of the kids, who had to go potty, so I had her go in the van and use the piddle-pot...I continued my conversation on the phone when I terrible odor wafted my way...the child using the piddle-pot did a lot more than piddle! Oh no!!! I had ONE napkin to clean her with!! As I was assisting her, another one of my children ran over with a call of nature...tears began to well up in my eyes. I told them all to get in the van - "fun mom" at the park was gone! We were off to the library bathroom...with the stenchy piddle-pot wrapped in a plastic bag! When everyone finished potty duty at the library, it was time to get NCH from tennis camp. He gagged when he got in the van (which made me laugh - I know, how mean!!)
By the time we got home, it was 3pm and I was in DESPERATE need of QUIET TIME! I had 3 kids lay down for rests, gave NCH a workbook, poured myself an icy lemonade and sat in my antigravity lounge chair on the deck. Ahhhhhhhhhh! After an hour, I felt MUCH better! The kids got up and played in the pool for hours (even finding a dead frog, CAH named "Allie"...they proceeded to give the dead frog rides on a pool float until I said enough!)
The kids polished off a ton of food for dinner, and then I was off for a meeting with a friend from church (but not before I took a layer of skin off my bottom lip...I will give $10 to anyone who can guess how that happened!! I don't think anyone could ever guess!)

Oh, and one more thing: Midol Complete contains CAFFEINE and a if you take 2 in the morning and drink 2 cups of coffee, you will have a serious caffeine buzz and you will nearly wet your pants!!!!!


  1. LOL... I can't guess how you ripped skin off your lip, but I'd like to know!

  2. Whoa, what a day! As a nearly-full-time babysitter, I can say that I know the routine very well (and I drive a Honda Civic with no piddle pot, so THAT can be hard itself!)...really anything that involves chaos, #2, and/or inappropriate "new pets," I can probably relate to :)

    As for your bottom lip...well, if I was having a day like that, I probably would have managed to chew off a layer of skin from my lip, but chances are you have a more interesting story!

  3. OMG K!!!! what a day!
    i can relate to the potty story, however...i do not have a "piddle pot" in the back of my car!! LOL!
    the boys caught a tree toad yesterday in a little terrarium they had. it was alive thank goodness! but i made them let him go at the end of the day. poor thing!
    and i have to say, i really LAUGHED out loud about the midol and coffee!!!!!!! and i know it's not funny when you have to pee and there's no where to "go!"
    as for your lip....i wouldn't even try to guess!
    but please let us in on it!

  4. Okay, no one guessed it, but................
    there was a clue..."Midol Complete".........
    think "Always"...adhesive...You can laugh now!


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