Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Jobs

First, I have to thank a friend of a friend on facebook for sharing the original idea for this! Here is a list of jobs for my 8-year-old to do this summer. We are starting out having him earn video game time, but we will modify soon to include all "screen time." He really enjoys earning something for his efforts, and he NEEDS some structure in his day. He does have swim practice followed by swim lessons each morning, but there will be plenty of "down time" in the afternoon and some evenings.

Summer 2010
NCH’s Earning Video Game time
All rules are subject to change by Mom and Dad!
• Reading = minute for minute* (does not include one hour of reading time every day)
• Vacuum upstairs = 15 minutes
• Clean windows = 15 minutes... (Mom will explain further)
• Laundry (gather, sort, fold, put away) = 10 minutes per load
• Weed (see Dad) = 15 minutes per area
• Unload dishwasher (except glasses) = 10 minutes
• Dusting = 10 minutes per room (must move items)
• vacuum the kitchen=10 minutes
. vacuum basement = 10 minutes
. do dishes = 10 minutes
. book report = 10 minutes
. math practice = 10 minutes
The following chores are not included in earning video game time…
o Feeding fish
o Cleaning your bathroom
o Cleaning (tidying) your bed room
o Setting the table
o Clearing off the table
o tidying the backyard

Time can be lost for disrespect, fighting, not obeying and anything else deemed by Mom or Dad!

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