Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Do you have issues with perfection? I sure do! When I heard this song on the radio the other day, I could really relate...maybe you can, too.

"Perfect People" by Natalie Grant

Never let 'em see you when you're breaking
Never let 'em see you when you fall
That's how we live and that's how we try
Tell the world you've got it all together
Never let them see what's underneath
Cover it up with a crooked smile
But it only lasts for a little while

There's no such thing as perfect people
There's no such thing as a perfect life
So come as you are, broken and scarred
Lift up your heart and be amazed
And be changed by a perfect God

Suddenly it's like a weight is lifted
When you hear the words that you are loved
He knows where you are and where you've been
And you never have to go there again


Who lived and died to give new life
To heal our imperfections
So look up and see out let grace be enough


By a perfect God [5x]

Be changed by a perfect God
Be changed


  1. I do have perfection issues!
    I LOVE this song! it's one of my favorites...and Natalie Grant is one of my favorite Christian artists. her songs are so moving and deal with real life issues.
    "In Better Hands" is another good one!
    It's my salvation theme song :)

  2. Yes! Love her! "I Will Not Be Moved", "Our Hope Endures", and "Held" are also SO powerful!


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