Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Reflections

I meant to write this down yesterday, but never got the chance. Yesterday I turned 37 years old! Yes, I am rapidly approaching 40, which used to sound so old, but now seems ever-so-young.
Friday: My celebration actually started Friday night - a neighbor watched the "herd" so my hubby, my parents and I could go out for a lovely dinner. We went to "The Melting Pot" and spent nearly three hours dining and visiting. It was wonderful!! My parents also gave me tickets to see Celtic Woman in concert at Proctor's next week. I can't wait for another date night with hubby to see this amazing show!
Sunday: With my actual birthday falling on a Sunday, I knew I wouldn't be sleeping in til noon, but I was hoping to make it to at least 8:30 and then head to the late service at church. Instead, my girls were "too excited" and got me up at 7:15...they presented me with a Boston Creme donut with a candle, sang happy birthday to me and gave me sweet cards. I was touched but rather groggy, so I tried, unsuccessfully, to go back to sleep. Before too long, the phone was ringing - friends were calling to tell us there was no power at church, so only the 11am service would be happening. Oh I really wanted more sleep! But I decided to have a nice long shower...and then I got to thinking that a bubble bath would be even better!! I gathered my bath salts, bubbles, facial mask, towel, robe and a candle...hubby offered to put some relaxing tunes on my iPod, so I settled back for a rare relaxing soak. After about 15 minutes, I started sweating and itching...I tried to enjoy it for a few minutes longer, but I was feeling claustrophobic and had to get out!! I took my time getting ready for church. By 10:45, we were all in the van and off to church. Hubby, being a gentleman, dropped me at the door with the girls. We went right in and worship started within about 10 seconds...both girls wanted to be held (total of about 75 pounds!) and I almost fell over trying, so they took turns holding my hands and snuggling as we sang "Everlasting God" and "Hope of the Nations." Hubby and the boys joined us and then it was time for the little ones to head to their classes. We also sang "Blessed Be Your Name," a song I can never sing without getting teary..."blessed be your name on the road marked with suffering, though there's pain in the offering, blessed be your give and take away my heart will choose to say Lord blessed be your name!" It's easy to sing when life is easy-breezy, but will I be able to sing this when I am in the midst of suffering?! I hope so. Pastor Matt gave an amazing message (our church is in the middle of a series about suffering in the world, and seeing that God is still good even when bad things happen)...this message, in particular, was seeing the "benefits" of suffering - the purpose, if you will. I took notes and tucked them away in my bible, knowing a day will come when I will seek comfort in such a message.
After church, we stopped for deli subs, ate lunch, napped the kids and hubby took NCH to his musical practice. I watched Olympics and folded laundry and before I knew it, it was time to take the girls to meet NCH for AWANA. After taking them to their classes, I did the weekly grocery shopping (and I couldn't resist the Starbucks drive-thru...a grande mocha frap with no whip was calling my name!) Then I picked up the kids, they had leftovers for dinner while I unpacked the groceries, and hubby got us more donuts for birthday cake!! Mmmmm! Next it was bedtime for the kiddos, more laundry and Olympics for me. So that was my day. A pretty ordinary day, laced with special treats like donuts, a bubble bath, facebook messages, phone calls and cards.
So what was my grand realization yesterday? Simply this: I am trying to do a better job appreciating the here and now...wishing for last decade's body is silly. Dreaming about my plan to get in shape and have a new body next year is kind of ridiculous. At one point yesterday, I realized that the body I had at 27 wasn't so bad...and when I'm 47, this 37-year-old body will be looking pretty good! All in all, it was a nice birthday...I had my hubby and my four children with me. I felt loved and who could ask for more?!


  1. this made me smile! glad your birthday was happy... i feel the same way about "blessed be your name" i love that song. and i love how you say 'no whip' about the frap haha! i used to work at mochalisa's when i was in school and said it 100 times a day :)

  2. thanks for sharing your day K! even though you didn't do anything special, your family celebrated your life! isn't that just great?!

    As i get older, i too am letting go of the "what happened to's" in my life. we are supposed to be in "drive" not "reverse." :)

    p.s. just reading this also puts my age into perspective...i will be 46 this year! :)


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