Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two for Today

1. I spent the majority of the day trying clothes on my girls today. I feel so blessed to have been given bins of hand-me-downs from friends. I cannot fathom what it would cost to buy these items brand new! It's quite the process: CAH tries on the items in her dresser and closet. Anything she has outgrown goes to KBH. (These items could just go in her drawers, but she likes to try everything on too!) KBH also has to try on everything in her closet/dresser and anything she outgrows goes in a bag to pass on to a friend. The part that cracks me up every time is how excited all the kids get when they see pajamas!!!! (Especially winter "sleepers" or "feety-pajamas"!!) It's adorable!! Something interesting I noticed about my girls today: KBH is so independent in trying on her clothes. She puts the clothes on by herself, takes them off, folds them and really doesn't want help. Her head is on the small side, and she easily pulls turtlenecks over her head. On the other hand, CAH (who is almost 17 months older than KBH) struggles to get the clothes on and off, likes to lay on the floor and have me help her. Her head is a bit larger and it takes effort for me to tug those turtlenecks on and off her!! So close in age, yet so different in personality and even body type. I love their differences!
2. After hours of the try-on/change over process, we headed over to a friend's house for a cookout/get together. We haven't done this in awhile, and it was SO nice to let the kids play while the adults chatted. I've missed my girlfriends and tonight reminded me to keep in touch more often.


  1. It was indeed an awesome time with good friends.

  2. It sounds like you had a productive and fun day! good for you!


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