Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Much To Say...

Yes, I have so much to say and so little time to get it all written down! Here's what's been happening with the Hill Herd:
- back to school (already blogged about NCH's first day); CAH started kindergarten, thankfully just half-day...I miss her like crazy when she's gone. KBH was very out of sorts all week without her motherly big sister, and poor little NJH is a bit fearful of KBH and some of her antics! He's been THRILLED to see CAH get off the bus at noon. They are quite sweet together. Here's a picture of CAH heading off to school:
And here are the two little ones left at home:
My caption for that photo on facebook is: And then there were it just me, or does Little N look a bit worried that his very nurturing biggest sister has left for school? And Miss K says, "Don't worry, I'm in charge now!"

CAH seems to be loving school. She tells many details about her day, and she wants to play school as soon as she gets home! She is eager to do her homework and asks me for more to do - may this always be the case! NCH has been happy to do his homework and has been acing the spelling quizzes I've been giving him.
One more note about CAH and school: The first day, she told me about her new friend: "I helped my friend today, Mama. She doesn't have fingers on one hand, so I asked if she needed help putting her papers in her folder." Although it doesn't surprise me that CAH would be helpful, I teared up as she told me this story!

KBH also started school. Here she is getting out of the van, heading to preschool:

- KBH started gymnastics last week. Remember, she is the wild and crazy one - the one who does back hip circles and skin the cat on the treadmill handles...the one who jumps off diving boards and bookcases and ok, you get the picture. Well, she refused to participate in gymnastics class last week! Evidently she is going through a little stranger anxiety with men, and her coach is a very tall man. She cried and screamed for a lollipop on the way out last week, so I told her if she goes into class, obeys her coach and participates the whole time, she will earn a lollipop. I am really hoping she does better tomorrow...last week, I did get her to do some tuck jumps on the long trampoline and she was fabulous (until the coach looked at her and told her "good job"...she stopped instantly and yelled at him "I'm never doing it again ever!!!") RASCAL! Some of her other recent antics: wearing these very worn-out hand-me-down through 3 kids pink sparkle shoes. I let her wear them to preschool rather than have another battle...yes, for the first time in 7 1/2 parenting years, I am picking my battles! Here's a photo of Miss Stylin' Girl:
She loves to pick out her own clothes and change her clothes, often. I think she'd do a wardrobe change every hour if I let her! "Nap time" has become "rummage in the closets and dresser time" and it is SO frustrating to keep folding and hanging all these clothes! When she does settle down and sleep, she's usually wearing a pair of fancy shoes or boots, and often has several layers of clothing on. I know, I know: this too shall pass!

- NCH is turning 2 next week! I will have plenty more to say about his birthday in another post, but here's what he's been up to: went big poop on potty (even told me "poop" while he was playing, so we ran to the potty and he did it!) He has new cups with straws (Munchkin brand, supposedly spill-proof, but they leak a little.) I'm not ready to give him free reign with open-top cups yet, and regular sippy cups can cause a little lisp (which he already has), so I'm hoping the oral positioning with the straw will help. He loves the cups (which have Backyardigans characters on them.) The cutest thing he's doing lately is saying "thank you, Mama" and "bless you, Mama" (when I sneeze) without any modeling or prompting. He sounds so grown up and polite!

- The other night, Frank was doing some side work and he brought NCH along to help. As I was getting dinner ready, I overheard the younger 3, sitting at the table, asking one another "how was your day?" and "what did you do today?" After each one would answer, the others would say "wow, that's great!" I melted right then and there! Just precious!


  1. your children sound so precious and tender with each other! way to go mom!

  2. wow! you just started picking your battles... I would go crazy if I didn't do that with my strong-willed kid.

    your kids asking each other about their days, that is just so precious.


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