Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, A Mom, and 2 Kiddos

Today's Happenings (after hubby took the older 2 kiddos up to the lake...we'll join them tomorrow):
1) church - NJH screamed so much in the upstairs nursery during Sunday School time that he was "ejected" (LOL - not really; my pager went off after the workers spent a lot of time trying to calm him down...he wanted no part of it today!); during 2nd service, he did a lot better in the downstairs nursery (this may have had something to do with the man in the nursery juggling plastic fruit...very impressive!); Pastor Matt gave another powerful message - The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13)...a new twist - rather than "go be good soil," ask God to "prepare the soil - soften us, ready us...we can't make ourselves better - we need to cry out to the One who can!" Great point, Pastor Matt!
2) cookout - after church, there was a cookout (lots of food purchased for, but not used, at the church camping trip, due to rain)...a very large turnout and tons of yummy chicken; I loved the time I spent with my church family!
3) nap time - what was supposed to be afternoon nap time for 2 kiddos...I tried to knit on the deck in the lovely sunshine, but kids didn't want to nap, which prompted the question: why do I give naps the power to influence my mood? Good nap time, I am happy and refreshed. Bad nap time, I am annoyed and cranky. Keep in mind, I don't take the naps! Interesting...
4) dancing - After non-nap time, I spent almost an hour dancing to a Veggie Tales CD upstairs with KBH and NJH. We had a ball!
5) pre-potty training - I put a pair of Thomas the Train undies on NJH, just to see what would happen. He thought he was hot stuff, and stayed dry for over an hour! I'm not ready to really go nuts with the potty training yet, but he will go on the potty from time to time.
6) snuggling - KBH, NJH and I watched an old Barney video together, all snuggled up on the couch. These are precious moments!

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