Saturday, August 29, 2009

What The Herd is Up To (8/13/09)

I just found this file in "My Documents"...I can't believe I never posted it when I wrote it!! Chances are, I was interrupted (as usual!) It's a few weeks delayed, but here's what the herd was up to on August 13th:

NCH - helping with chores; will vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms; 1 minute of cleaning = 1 minute of computer/video game time (new incentive...working great so far...3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are tidy!!); reading skills have improved dramatically; still isn't happy when I ask him to do a book report (written) but doesn't mind answering the questions verbally; anger issues have improved, but we still see outbursts from time to time; hoping 2nd grade is a great year!!
CAH - really into building houses for her stuffed animals; creatively using shoeboxes, diaper boxes, etc. with doors and windows, even writing to label "puppies"; also enjoying new birthday toys (color change Ariel, puppy with carrier); plays very well independently and with her sister; wants to be with older brother and at times, they do well together, but only when he is open to the idea; she has a "pleaser" personality but sadly that has led to lying/dishonesty...we're working on this; can't believe she's off to kindergarten in a month!
KBH - still requests "movies" often; favorites right now include Wiggles, Barney, Caillou, Blue's Clues (thankful we can borrow them from the library for free!); enjoys playing with her sister; yesterday and today, I came upon her singing in the sweetest voice "Under the Sea" while playing with Ariel doll; still likes a schedule, wants to know if it's bath night, wants her clothes laid out (would prefer to select them herself, but she does not have that freedom yet!); runs hot and cold - can be such a little doll, but can turn around and say "mommy is a poopie head" and stick her tongue out; definitely can be trying! Hopefully preschool will be a good thing for her. She is also signed up for gymnastics once a week.
NJH - coming into the 2's...starting to say "no" and run the opposite direction when called; especially detests sitting in high chair/climbs out no matter how tight the straps are; also can get arms out of car seat straps; loves cars, trucks and motorcycles; tries to copy the big kids; loves to sing; enjoys Blue's Clues and Miss Pattycake videos; wants to be in the pool area but is reluctant to be in the water; has a piercingly shrill cry, but gets over it quickly; can count from 1-11; knows to fold his hands and bow his head when we say "pray" (also says "amen" at the end); has a cute lisp (pleathe for please); using manners regularly; many 3-4 word sentences; will attempt to copy any word/phrase; has the greatest laugh!


  1. it's so nice to get a glimpse into your life at home Kristina! thanks for sharing.

    I used a booster seat in a regular dining chair when Jake turned two. i pushed the chair way under the table so he couldn't climb out. perhaps that will work for NJH?

    also, i have some blues clues & Barney videos that my boys don't watch anymore. if you are interested in them, you can have them. :)

  2. thanks, mare! :) the booster chair is a great idea - i think it's time...yes, we'd love your hand-me-down videos. thanks for sharing!!

  3. okie dokie! i will keep them in my car, so next time i see you i can hand them over! ;)


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