Sunday, August 30, 2009

4 Fun Things

After yesterday's very dreary rainy day (complete with naughty children!!), it was wonderful to see the sun shining today! Here are some fun things that happened today:
1) NJH moved into a booster seat at dinner time. He loved it and ate his left-over taco salad (with extra salsa) like a champ!
2) When dinner was over, I was clearing off the plates. Suddenly I heard the sweetest little voice say, "May I get down please, Mama?" It was my little sweetheart, not even two years old yet, with such nice manners!! I melted, of course.
3) NCH and I went to the library this afternoon to get him a new stack of books to read. I'm thrilled that he is reading so much! This was the most interested I've seen him in selecting his own books. We have quite the variety - from the Box Car Children to the Bailey School Kids to Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus, even our first Hardy Boys book!
4) Hubby and I were relaxing on the deck. Hubby was trying different ring tones for his iPhone. One of the tunes was the Chicken thing you know, CAH, KBH and NJH were flapping their "wings" and dancing all over the deck! It was so adorable. During a "fairy" ring tone, CAH put a towel on her shoulders and pretended they were wings so she could fly around like Tinkerbell. I love these moments!!!

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  1. that is so cool that NJH liked the booster seat! He must feel like a "big boy" now!
    love the chicken dance! :D


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