Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Love With A 21-Month-Old

Yes, I love all of my kids, but did you ever have that day/moment when you are just SOOOOO "in love" with your kids?!! It happened today with NJH, now 21-months-old. I'm not sure if it's knowing he's "our last" or just his utter cuteness, but I keep finding myself staring at him...watching him play, gazing at him as he looks at books, just marveling at all he is. Here are some of the things he's doing lately:
1) Last night when I tucked him in bed, he said, "Mommy, lub-you" for the first time.
2) I've heard him repeat after me counting to ten, but today he counted from 1 to 10 completely on his own, several times (he was counting the bars on the safety gate.)
3) He LOVES to sing! He actually has great pitch and rhythm (very cute to see him dance along with The Wiggles.) He's been singing Barney's I Love You, Jesus Loves Me, Bathtime song (wah, wah, wah wubbly bubbles...), Mr. Golden Sun, and Brown Girl in the Ring (sugar and a plum song.)
4) He enjoys playing sleep (he calls is "leep") and snuggling under blankets, pretending to sleep.
5) He has such a great laugh and loves to play hide and seek/peek a boo.
6) He absolutely LOVES books! He often says, "Read, Book" and is quite particular about which book he wants. He also knows which pages are his favorites and names most of the items on the pages. I love when he makes animal sounds, especially a high-pitched "Tweet, Tweet" for birds.
7) He's being a little bit "Rain Man" lately (repeating words and phrases over and over and over and over), but usually once I acknowledge him, he moves on. He is definitely enjoying the sound of his own voice!! :)
The time is just flying by...I can't believe he'll be two in less than three months! I'm really making an effort to savor these sweet moments.


  1. that's awesome what NJ is doing!! He is too cute in that swing! i love his expressions!
    I've had those "in love" moments..but also the "I need a break" moments! LOL!
    Time is fleeting as they say. Jake will be FOUR this fall! yikes! He's MY last. oh savor these moments Kristina! they are gone so fast! ((HUGS))

  2. I know what you mean... sometimes as I'm in the middle of doing something E does something that gets my attention and I just stop and watch her, thinking this moment will never come again.


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