Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eight is Enough

1) I just finished knitting a sweater for NJH. It was a very easy pattern, using a fair isle patterned yarn. I'm happy with the result, although it's a little too big for him right now. I have a series of very funny pictures of him "modeling" the sweater...he's furious with me and screaming and having quite the meltdown, poor little fella!! (posting pics soon)
2) I'm planning CAH's 5th birthday party. It will be a Tinkerbell theme, and just "big girls" have been invited. We'll be playing several games, doing a few crafts, and assembling/eating fruit kabobs. CAH opted for cupcakes (with purple and green "pixie dust") and we're still deciding about a pinata (vs. treat bags with lip gloss, sparkly stuff, etc.)
3) The three older kids are very busy with swim lessons. I am proud to say NCH, at age 7, is now at level 6! CAH, at age 4, is a level 4, and KBH, at age 3, is a level 2. KBH is officially "vestless" and all over the pool at home. She jumps off the middle diving board at lessons with her usual zest!! CAH has a beautiful stroke, especially the "elementary back stroke" (or "chicken airplane soldier.") NCH continues to participate in the swim team, with practice each morning at 7:30, and meets once a week. He swam the 25m free, 25m back and 25m breast last week and was thrilled he wasn't "DQ'd" (that means he is doing the correct stroke now, for the entire race.) Both girls are on the waiting list for the swim team, so hopefully they will get the chance to join in the fun in another year or so.
4) My house is dirtier than it's ever been!!! Yes, it's true! We're on the go with swimming so much, that my usual morning cleaning time no longer exists. I try to run the vacuum daily, and the meals/dishes/laundry are barely getting done. It's a little frustrating, but there are less than 3 weeks left of the swim practice/lesson schedule...I'm sure the dirt, dust and grime will still be here!!
5) I finally finished watching "ER"...I know, it's silly, but I had most of season 14 and all of the last season downloaded and it was bothering me that I was taking so long to get through it. I was sad to see it end...but I know, it's just a show!
6) I'm still reading the "Left Behind" series by Tim LaHaye...what a great series!! I'm on book 9 and it continues to captivate me...I look forward to my Precept Bible study this fall, as we study Revelation.
7) We spent Sunday at my parents' place on the Great Sacandaga Lake. I love watching the kids out on the boats. NCH thinks it's a "perfect" day if he can be in each of the boats (sailboat, motor boat, row boat and kayak.) In fact, he had his first solo kayak trip on Saturday, as he and my dad kayaked Northville Lake up and back. I can't believe he's big enough to do that!! All three of the older kids love tubing behind the motor boat, and I'm sure it won't be long before NCH tries the water skis! So far, NJH says, "Boppa, lake, sail boat" but he gets a bit timid once he's on the dock. I don't mind that he's balances out the risk-taking tendencies of KBH!


  1. It sounds like you are having a busy, but awesome summer! some of the housework can wait! I've found that I really need to keep up on my bathrooms though! LOL
    you must be so proud of your little ones swimming! It sounds like they are all doing so well!
    and hey! where's number 8? LOL

  2. Wow! You are a busy girl! :) Oh and I can relate to the house thing. *sigh* Unfortunately, I can't say that mine stays as clean as I would like it to be! Between 2 of us working full time and the kids activities, that often gets put to the side! OY. Knowing you tho, you will figure out a way to make it work. :)

  3. LOL, Mare...I think I deleted #8 by mistake! :) I'll have to add it later...


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