Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eight "Don'ts"

1) Don't do the :08 minute abs DVD 2 days before a race.
2) Don't leave strollers/extra booster seats in the garage. If you do, make sure you move them before anyone uses a saw...the sawdust is very messy.
3) Don't tell anyone you're going to clean your fridge and your "scary closet" and then not do it. You feel lame later.
4) Don't buy chips and dip if you're trying to lose weight.
5) Don't buy hot fudge either.
6) Don't leave 5 giant beach towels hanging outside if rain is in the forecast.
7) Don't go to bed at night without listening to the weather forecast.
8) Don't make Ambrosia Salad (especially a double batch) with coconut if your children don't like coconut.


  1. def def def def DONT BUY chips and dip if you are trying to lose weight.... i think that would be my number 1.... i could eat an entire thing of chips and dip. darn it. lol.
    sooooooooooooooooooo good.
    i could ignore the fudge. lol.
    i cant wait to pop t his kid out and go back to healthy eatinga dn tons of working out...
    maybe we can run tgethr... OR you can come and take a power yoga class with me! you would love it and it would kick your butt!

  2. LOL, yeah the sawdust thing... I've been there and done that. No fun!

  3. 2a. Don't leave non-garage items in the garage if you don't want garage stuff to happen to them.

    ...very funny list.


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