Thursday, June 18, 2009

June is Jumpin'!

1) Frank turns 36:
Frank opted for Chinese take-out as his birthday meal. NCH and KBH helped Dad blow out the candles.

2) Pool time for the kiddos:
NCH and CAH are all over the entire pool - jumps, cannon balls, holding breath contests, you name it. KBH insisted on wearing her vest at first, but she is now comfortable jumping in (vest-free) to Mom or Dad, and swimming (face in) to the stairs. All three older kids start swim lessons in just a week and a half...they'll take lessons every day for 6 weeks. I've been thrilled with the lessons in the past. The older two have become strong swimmers, mainly due to the daily lessons, building confidence with lots of practice and fun. So far, (thankfully!), NJH is content to play in the yard, outside our pool fence, watching the big kids swim. There won't be a fence at swim lessons, so we'll see how that goes!

3) NCH starts swim team practice:
This is new for our family, but so far, it's been a lot of fun. NCH practices every day and will have six swim meets this summer. The coaches make it fun for the kids, and I already have my younger three on the waiting list to join one day! They've participated in stretching time and it's been so cute to watch NJH do "arms" as he sits in his stroller. I'm finding many large families are participating in the swim team (some with 4, 5 and 6 children.) It's nice to go somewhere and have others smile understandingly, rather than stare and ask, "Are they ALL yours?" or state, "Wow - YOU've got your hands full!!"

4) More Saturday soccer:
NCH is on a very good team this year and he's really enjoying the "winning feeling." He has shown a lot of improvement, especially on defense. For the first time, he looks forward to games and wants to play again next year! CAH has happily gotten herself ready for soccer games, but doesn't participate much during games. When I asked her why she doesn't kick the ball, she replied, "Every time I run to get to it, but when I get there, the ball is already gone!"

5) CAH graduates from preschool:
If you read my "tough cookie" entry awhile back, you'll know the deep attachment here, to this little miracle girl! At the beginning of June, she had an Alphabet Celebration (top picture, below.)For preschool graduation, she wore a light pink dress with a bow in her hair (of course!) She sat up front like such a lady. When it was her turn to sing, she sang her little heart out. She blushed a little bit when her teacher called her up for her "diploma" and to give her the "loves to learn" award. I was SO proud of her! We celebrated that evening at the "99" with my parents.

6) Flag Day celebrations:
NCH enjoyed participating in his school's Flag Day celebration. I love that the school holds patriotic events. As you can see from the photos, we all like wearing our red, white and blue!

7) NJH poops on the potty:
Yes, I saw him with that "I'm about to go potty" face and hurried him to the toilet. Sure enough, he went #2 on the potty twice the other day! Now he asks for "potty" and will go #1 almost every time. The first time he went #1 on the potty, he said, "Peeper, water!" The older three are so excited for him. He doesn't stay dry yet, but this is a great start for a 20-month-old.
This picture is of "the boys" before heading to church -


  1. whew! i just got even more tired by reading your blog! hahaha! you sure have had a busy june so far! live it up!
    and YAY for NJH!

  2. it must be so much fun watching your kids experience all this fun. (Can't wait for E to get a little older.)


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