Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Wow, it's been quite some time since I've updated the old bloggity blog! For those who read my (endless) posts on Facebook, you know what I've been up to...nothing earth-shattering. Just the usual: a summer full of swimming and fun, kids healthy and growing, now onto fall fun, school stuff, Christmas gift-making, recipe-hunting and enjoying life as it speeds on by.
Today is Halloween (a "holiday" I loathe), but we have a Giants football fan, Hermione (of the Harry Potter series), a black cat, and a brave knight all eager for Trunk or Treat at church tonight. I've already exceeded my candy quota! But I am looking forward to turning the calendar tomorrow. November is such a great month for counting blessings, trying new recipes, baking, burning candles, crafting and just enjoying family time. I'll try to be a little more faithful with my blog updates, but no guarantees!


  1. Ive been patiently waiting for an update ;)
    how about another gratitude challenge?


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