Monday, February 13, 2012

music & brownie bites, barbie, Bible verses & surprises

I know, I know, I promised to write an update on the Hill Happenings, but it's been so very busy around here!
Quick little blurb about recent stuff:
- i discovered the charlotte's web soundtrack today and i love it.
- i'm currently obsessed with the old hymn, "there is a fountain" (which is how i found the charlotte's web soundtrack: pandora "if i stand/rich mullins" station played "there is a fountain" performed by athena; i then searched spotify and listened to about 30 versions of "there is a fountain" which is included on the charlotte's web soundtrack)
- the kids and i are loving the "roaring like a lion" song by the newsboys...we crank it up in the van and sing at the top of our lungs.
- i knit 3 baby hats for knit pray love (via air1 radio station...the hats will go to babies in Afghanistan); my kids were so interested in the whole idea and my youngest thought we were going to bring one of the babies home to live with us! (maybe one day???)
- i just played "fun mom" and tried to make brownie bites with cream cheese frosting and strawberries for the kids for a valentine's day treat. but the brownie bites are more like brownie bits, as they did not easily pop out of the mini muffin tin!
- my 6 yr old's current movie obsession = barbie fairy secret, currently ours for the week from the library
- i'm still 2/3 of the way through fellowship of the ring...kind of pausing for the moment as i read a book about having "THE talk" with the kids...yes, our oldest is about to turn 10 and we've never had THE talk. according to the book i'm reading, we should have had some sort of talk with ALL the kids by now! yikes!!
- my favorite moment from the last week: my 7 year old and my 4 year old playing Sunday School together, looking up Bible verses, writing them in a notebook and reading them out loud!!
- most surprising moment: my oldest unpacking groceries today, without me asking or hinting in any way...i just turned around and he was putting things away!
- another pleasant surprise was watching all 4 kids scarf down dinner tonight, including quinoa and penang chicken!! my 6 year old was literally dipping her chicken in the leftover sauce, and would have licked the plate if i let her!


  1. awesome! (and please share the name of the book about THE talk! we haven't done this either!)

  2. yes, book title please:)
    LOVE tolkien!!
    and the knit pray love sounds amazing.


  3. "how and when to tell your kids about sex" by stan & brenna jones is what i'm reading right now...kind of getting hubby & myself ready to talk to our oldest, but we're looking at getting a kid-friendly book as well.


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