Monday, February 6, 2012

Checking In

It's been a little quiet over here...what that means is my life outside of blog-land is busy. All great stuff, just busy. So I thought I'd check in and look at the list I made a month ago, and see how things are going:

1) Yell less. Hmm, I think this depends on the day. I am trying though!
2) Live the adage "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all." I think I'm doing better with this overall.
3) Get back to my weight watchers lifetime goal weight. AND MAINTAIN IT. ALL YEAR LONG. Actually, maintain it FOREVER! Did GREAT in January! Lost 6.6 pounds and 8 inches! Definitely want to keep going with this.
4) Finish the TurboFire program. Still going strong...loving the program!
5) When TurboFire is done, start another exercise plan and stick with it faithfully. Not done yet.
6) Continue trying to get out and run 3 miles, 3 times a week. Got out Friday and Sunday this past week...felt WONDERFUL!
7) Stick with the Women's Study on James (and complete level 4.) Sticking with it...and loving it!
8) Drink 8 glasses of water a day, minimum. Did well all month, then slacked the past week. A friend and I challenged one another to drink 80 ounces today and I've passed my goal!
9) Blog at least weekly. Whoops! ;)
10) Be aware of the quality moments with my family...and cherish them! Definitely! To the point where a few people have commented on the way I treasure the little things. :)
11) Meet friends for coffee more often. A couple last month, a couple more planned for this month.
12) Continue fun dates with my husband. One coming up this Saturday!
13) Model and foster the fruit of the Spirit in my children. Hmmm, we've been talking more about the Fruit and I think we're all more conscious of bearing Fruit.
14) Continue to play the piano and sing often. Perhaps rejoin the Worship Team?! Playing and singing often, played for an hour yesterday...and praying about Worship Team, talked with two pastors about it.
15) Learn to sew better...and sew projects, starting with making us fabric napkins to use at dinner each night. Boo! Didn't start the napkins yet! But I did knit 2 baby gifts, 3 hats for Knit Pray Love and am finishing a pair of socks. I WILL do the napkins next!!
16) Be braver trying new crafts...make the Jenna DeAngeles Antique Paper Wreath by Christmas, and make another yarn-wrapped wreath before Easter. I did purchase the materials to make a yarn-wrapped wreath for Valentine's Day...I started one night but got side-tracked by kiddos making Valentine cards!

Overall, I think things are going well...I have a blog update in the works about recent happenings with the kiddos.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Keep it up!

  2. press on!
    i JUST (re)started watching my calories/working out again today.
    with these last several months of crazytown, i totally abandoned it and gained every.single.pound back. pfft.

    being brave about new craft ventures...copying this! i tend to only enjoy things i am really good at. ha. so i avoid "scary" crafts:)

    hope your week is going great! think of you a lot...wear my scarf a lot:)


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