Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I thought I'd post my "resolutions"/goal/plans for the year, but so many other thoughts have been swirling in my head all day, I think I'll save that list for another day.
Today we had a new worship pastor start at church...worship was beautiful! Just two guys and two acoustic guitars...what a terrific way to start the year. We also took the Lord's Supper at the conclusion of the service. My almost-six-year-old has been looking forward to this for a few weeks, since was just baptized a few weeks ago. She was literally jumping up and down this morning, shrieking, "I get to take the Lord's Supper today!"
After church, the girls helped me take down the outdoor Christmas decorations, a little earlier than I had planned, but the weather was quite balmy, so I thought we'd take advantage.
Later in the afternoon, I was looking through the kindergarten registration paperwork for my youngest, now 4. I burst into tears thinking about putting him on the bus in September...I really don't know if we should send him this year or wait until he is 5 turning 6! Anyway, he came looking for me and found me, all teary, and spent the next few hours running up to me with hugs and kisses. We spent some time dancing in the kitchen (nothing like old school Petra and Amy Grant!) and he helped me peel carrots, measure ingredients, and stir our soup for dinner.
During dinner, I decided we should start a new tradition and make family New Year's Resolutions. Here's the list we made:
1) Me - lost weight/be more fit
2) C - more family hikes
3) NC - snowboard
4) Me - be more patient/less yelling
5) K - ski
6) C - eat healthier
7) C - practice being honest
8) NC - save money
9) C - nightly family devotions
10) C - weekly family movie nights
11) Everyone - be more helpful
Well, it's a start! (Pretty clear C was the only one really "into" making the list!) I decided not to include NC's suggestion of "more video game time"!! I also decided it was time to read a passage on the fruit of the Spirit, from Galatians. I started to read and lo and behold, NC (age 9) started rattling off all 9 fruit!!!!! I had no idea he had them memorized! So we talked a bit about how when Jesus is in your heart, you should be "bearing fruit" like love, peace, joy, etc. The older 2 were listening closely, but the younger 2 were beginning to fade. I let everyone be excused, and the next thing I knew, C went and got her devotional book, brought it to the table and started reading aloud! My heart melted!
Looks like 2012 is off to a great start.

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