Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Too Busy Enjoying the Moment!

So many things are happening all at once...I know I should take the time to write down my thoughts and feelings, post pictures, document this chapter in our lives, but...
I'm too busy enjoying the moment!!!!

It's back to school time and I have a third-grader, a first-grader, a M/W/F preschooler and a T/TH preschooler! The older two start piano lessons tomorrow. All four start AWANA on Friday. Life is very busy, but I am so happy I am here to not only be part of it all, but to watch their little feel their excitement!!

We had an amazing family vacation at my parents' lake house right before school started. We spent a week on the lake, doing all kinds of fun things: swimming, boating, tubing, fishing, sailing, kayaking, hiking, visiting the Adirondack Animal Land, going out for ice cream, making s'mores, flying kites...yes, it was wonderful! I feel tremendously blessed to have my parents so nearby and so willing to have us stay with them...who offer us a date night...who spoil us by letting us sleep in and feeding us yummy filet mignon!! I even had a mid-afternoon coffee date with my mom (sans kiddos!)

This past Saturday, we met up with 16 other family members for an apple-picking adventure. After greeting one another (this takes awhile, all that hugging and such!), we enjoyed a picnic in the orchard, then some photo ops, picking apples, sharing treats, even singing happy birthday to the 4 Sept/Oct bday kiddos! How special it was to have my grandparents there with us...I love them so very much. Afterwards, we took a peek at the house I lived in for my first 11 years (amazing the way the trees have grown!) and enjoyed the view of the Catskills...then stopped at our old favorite pizza shop for dinner. It was another day of great memories.

I have so much more to say, and pictures to add...but bed calls me.

Anyone who may be reading this, remember to enjoy every moment. Don't worry about the details. Don't fret if everything isn't "just so." Life is going by so sure those near and dear to you know they are loved and that God loves them!


  1. so glad you got to relax for that week before school! you are going to be BUSY this year.
    and i agree, we need to be "present" in the now...because before we realize it, they all will be off to college! yikes!
    hugs to you!


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