Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2nd Half of April - Meal List & How to Modify for South Beach

You know how I love to be on a "kick"...Skinny B****, Weight Watchers, South Beach, etc...well, I'm back to Phase one of South Beach (for the fourth time now!) I usually lose 8 pounds during the 14-day phase, but maintaining the loss is a challenge, especially when I start adding foods back into my diet. It feels good to reduce that annoying roll around the middle (affectionately called the Muffin Top), so I'm back at it. For this reason, the next 2 weeks of meals may not sounds as "fun" meal-wise (and yes, I will be skipping the bread, rice, potatoes and fruit.) In fact, I will * the substitutions I will be making during each meal:
4/15 - Tilapia w/ Ginger Sauce, Cabbage sauteed in olive oil, veggie medley, garlic mashed potatoes
4/16 - pizza?? country drive in?? (sister in town)*no pizza for me (maybe a chef salad)
4/17 - sandwiches in the van (NYC trip!)*no bread for me
4/18 - cook out on grill?? (Nona and Poppa visiting)
4/19 - sandwiches (AWANA Night)*no bread for me
4/20 - Chicken Caesar Salad *no croutons for me
4/21 - Shrimp/Broccoli/Tomatoes/Black Olives/Bow Ties/Feta *no bow ties for me
4/22 - Whole Wheat Quesadillas w/chicken, cheese, salsa *chicken/cheese/salsa on lettuce for me
4/23 - Burgers/Salad/Pasta Salad *no pasta salad for me
4/24 - Make our own Pizza Night *left over burger for me, raw veggies
4/25 - Pancakes/Sausage/Fruit *mushrooms/cheese/spinach omelette for me
4/26 - sandwiches (AWANA Night)*no bread for me
4/27 - salmon, broccoli, salad, rice? *no rice for me
4/28 - balsamic chicken, oven roasted vegetables, salad
4/29 - marinated london broil, stuffed mushrooms, salad, potatoes *no potatoes for me
4/30 - chicken saute, green beans, salad, rice? *no rice for me
5/1 - fish kabobs, grilled vegetables, cucumbers with olive oil

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