Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Reflections...from stressed to blessed!

Summer is over (okay, so it's not technically over until September 23rd, but it feels like it's over when the kids go back to school!) Did it seem to go by a bit faster than usual this year? I feel like I was just cleaning out the lunch bags and sorting through end of the year paperwork, yet here I am labeling items and double-checking back packs! I should be getting into bed, setting my alarm and preparing for a whole new round of the morning whirlwind, but who am I kidding? I never sleep well the night before school starts. I'm too busy worrying, wondering and praying.
Worrying...will it be a good year? Will the bus come on time? Will the kids find their classrooms? Will they find their friends? Will their teachers like them? Will their lunches and snacks fill them? Will they have fun? Will they find the right bus home? Will the bus find our house?
Wondering..did they have a good summer? Did they have fun? What will they remember? Did I do enough with them? Did they make lasting memories? Did I miss anything? Do I regret anything?
Praying...God please protect them, please help their teachers, please keep them all safe, please let them grow this year (but not too much!), please let them make just one good friend, please remind them that You are always with them, please help them to know they are loved!
Why does mommy-guilt continue to consume me? When I stop and think about it, we DID have fun this summer. We DID make memories. I didn't miss a thing! I had the joy of watching my kids swim, both playing in the pool and swimming fast in swim meets. Yes, it was loud and busy and messy around here, but we had a good time. From ice pops and ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cones galore to swimming in our pool, the swim team pool and the lake, from riding on bikes to four-wheelers to boats and tubes and canoes, waterskiing, camping, movies, playdates, campfires, smores, VBS, a trip to Colorado for the oldest, pedicures for the girls, go kart races for two, lots of time with cousins and family...we had a blast!
As I begin to count my blessings, things become more clear: what a blessing it was to be with my babies all summer. They are growing up so fast, but I've been a part of every step along the way.
When I asked the kids tonight what their favorite summer memory of 2014 was, they said: time with cousins, camping, riding bikes, and swim team.
Instead of fretting before I fall asleep, I will be thankful for a great summer with my family.

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