Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kids are saying...

Six year old daughter, to me, in the kitchen today: "Oooh, nice outfit, Mom!" I wasn't sure if she was being was also the first time I had ever worn a "slimming tank" under a I tilted my head and said, "You like this?" She replied, "Yes! When you outgrow it, I can have it, right?"

Ten year old son to me on his birthday: "This devotional is great! The first part was all about controlling your tongue." (Knock me over with a feather! SOOOO glad I picked up the devotional when I was at the Christian Bookstore a few weeks ago!!!)

Seven and a half year old daughter to me when I came to observe her music class during Music in our School Week: "Oh, Mama! I'm so glad you're here!!! Come dance with me!" (Melt. My. Heart!)

Four and a half year old son to me just now: "Don't worry about me, Mom. When I die, I'll be with you and Jesus. CAH (big sister) and I said some prayers together." Me, stunned: "Oh, really? That's great, buddy! So you asked Jesus to come into your heart and save you?" N: "Um, that's how you get to live with Jesus forever!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pressing Pause

If I could, I would press "PAUSE" right now! Actually, this afternoon was truly the perfect pause moment:
my older three kiddos were at school, my youngest was playing happily in the sandbox, the temperature was near 80 degrees (yes, it's March in upstate New York!), there was not a cloud to be found, there was the gentlest of breezes, i had Pandora playing in the family room with the volume turned way up...The Story by Brandi Carlisle station was on, playing songs like Almost Lover, Hallelujah, Chasing Pavements, and Falling Slowly, and i was sipping the most delicious iced coffee.
i had more "pause" moments this evening...every scrap of chicken divan was devoured at dinner, my girls put on a poetry reading "show" for us after dinner, and my almost 10-year-old and i enjoyed some classic Relient K together.
Savoring every moment...