Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kids are saying...

Six year old daughter, to me, in the kitchen today: "Oooh, nice outfit, Mom!" I wasn't sure if she was being was also the first time I had ever worn a "slimming tank" under a I tilted my head and said, "You like this?" She replied, "Yes! When you outgrow it, I can have it, right?"

Ten year old son to me on his birthday: "This devotional is great! The first part was all about controlling your tongue." (Knock me over with a feather! SOOOO glad I picked up the devotional when I was at the Christian Bookstore a few weeks ago!!!)

Seven and a half year old daughter to me when I came to observe her music class during Music in our School Week: "Oh, Mama! I'm so glad you're here!!! Come dance with me!" (Melt. My. Heart!)

Four and a half year old son to me just now: "Don't worry about me, Mom. When I die, I'll be with you and Jesus. CAH (big sister) and I said some prayers together." Me, stunned: "Oh, really? That's great, buddy! So you asked Jesus to come into your heart and save you?" N: "Um, that's how you get to live with Jesus forever!"

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