Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soundtrack of Life

I've always intended to write a blog update about music and what my "life soundtrack" would be. For now, I'll just do quick updates here and there, listing the current CD playing in the van, as well as songs that are speaking to me at that moment.

Whenever I hear, "It's Raining Like Magic," I think of driving my now 6-year-old daughter to preschool. She was (and still is) such a joyful, smiling child. I can picture her beautiful smile and hear her voice saying, "I love you, Mama" every time I hear that song!

This week, we've had the Raffi "Singable Songs for the Very Young" CD playing in the van. Here are the kiddos' faves:
Robin in the Rain
There's a Spider on the Floor
Five Green and Speckled Frogs
And the one that always makes me teary - "I Wonder If I'm Growing"

I still sing to my youngest, now age 3, before tucking him into bed at night. We sing a variety of songs, but last night, we sang "Silent Night." My heart was so touched by his little voice sweetly singing, "Sleep in heavenly peace" and I consciously told myself, "Brain, press record! Never forget this beautiful little voice!"

Non-kid music that is speaking to me:
"Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson
"Our Hope Endures" by Natalie Grant
It's funny, both songs are about holding on, not giving up, leaning on the Lord and putting our faith and hope in Him. I feel like life is wonderful right now, and when I hear those types of songs, I admit to fearing the day when I will really need those songs to lift me and encourage me. I dread the pain or sadness that may be looming, but I am truly thankful for this time of peace in my life.


  1. music is such an integral part of life. i especially can relate to "Before the Morning" right now. songs can be so encouraging when you don't have a "real life" person to do just that.
    on the way home from church last night, Stephen was singing "i don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul" by TobyMac :) he was so cute! Nick's favorite right now is also Before the Morning :) i think he gets it from me! haha!
    thanks for sharing your soundtrack of life :)

  2. Always enjoy reading your blog- music certainly touches the soul and conjures memories. Love you!


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